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Connery, Moore or Craig: Who is a many well-traveled Bond?


The newest James Bond, Daniel Craig, poses in Rome, Italy on a set of 2015′s “Spectre.” (AP Photo)

James Bond has been roving a world’s many outlandish locations for over 50 years on a china screen. But that actor has warranted a many visit navigator miles during his army as a British tip agent?

The Daily Mail wanted to find out, so a editors dissected all of a miles trafficked and locales visited by each singular Bond opposite 24 cinema to find a decisive answer.

He might not everyone’s favorite double agent, though with 7 films taking place in 44 locations, Roger Moore tops a list as a many trafficked James Bond. Moore played Bond for over 10 years, from 1973 to 1985.

Bond by a numbers Sean Connery: 6 films – 32 locations George Lazenby: 1 film – 5 locations Timothy Dalton: 2 films – 10 locations Roger Moore: 7 films – 44 locations Pierce Brosnan: 4 films – 27 locations

Sean Connery, a strange womanizing spy, is a second many trafficked Bond, visiting 32 locations in 6 films. The many new Bond, Daniel Craig, came in third with 28 locations racked adult over 4 movies—including 2015 Spectre, due in theaters this Nov.

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Sean Connery with Luciana Paoluzzi in 1965′s “Thunderball.” (AP File Photo)

From intemperate hotels to icy tundra, there’s no necessity of landscapes featured via a renouned franchise. Graham Rye, Editor of 007 magazine, told a Daily Mail a film can have a absolute impact on destination’s tourism industry.

“They became travelogues, generally ‘Moonraker’ that was all over a place from France, to Italy, Argentina and Brazil. It only became a nation hopping event,” says Rye. “It’s not required to a story though these outlandish travels will have an impact on people. Bond fans transport to destinations only given Bond has been there.”

All together, a 6 Bonds have  been around a universe some-more than 18 times, racking adult 460,000 miles. Surprisingly, no 007 has done it to Australia, Canada or Scandinavia.

Whether you’re a fool for Connery’s smart one-liners or cite Prosnan’s impertinent charm, check out a locations featured in each James Bond film given 1962.

SEAN CONNERY as James Bond

1. Dr No – Crab Key Island and Kingston, Jamaica (1962)

2. From Russia with Love – London, Istanbul, Zagreb, Venice (1963)

3. Goldfinger- Miami Florida, London, Royal St George Golf Club, Switzerland, Fort Knox Kentucky (1964)

4. Thunderball – Chateau d’Anet, Preux, France, Chalfont Park House, London, Nassau, Bahamas (1965)

5. You Only Live Twice – Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kobe, Ebino, Akime, Matsu volcano, Japan (1967)

6. Diamonds are Forever- LA, Nevada, Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam, Dover, Eden Roc Hotel, Cap D’Antibes (1971)


7. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – London, Lisbon, Bern, Lauterbrunnen, Swiss Alps (1969)

ROGER MOORE as James Bond

8. Live and Let Die – London, New Orleans, New York, Louisiana Delta and San Monique (The Caribbean) (1973)

9. The Man with a Golden Gun – London, Beirut, Macau China, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Thailand, Khao Ping, Thailand (1974)

10. The Spy Who Loved Me – Scotland, Austria, Sardinia, Egypt (1977)

11. Moonraker – Space, LA, Iguaza Falls, London, Venice and Rio (1979)

12. For Your Eyes Only – London, Buckinghamshire, Cortina, Northern Italy, Albania, Corfu,Kalambaka, Greece, nearby Madrid (1981)

13. Octopussy – Cuba, London, West Germany, Berlin, Udaipur, India (1983)

14. A View to a Kill – Ascot, London, Chantilly, Paris, Siberia, San Francisco (1985)


15. The Living Daylights – London, Buckinghamshire, Vienna, Bratislava, Tangier, Afghanistan, Gibraltar (1987)

16. Licence to Kill – Florida, Bahamas, Panama (1989)


17. GoldenEye – Cuba, London, St Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Monte Carlo (1995)

18. Tomorrow Never Dies – Oxford, London, Hamburg, Vietnam, Saigon (1997)

19. The World Is Not Enough – Bilboa, London, Istanbul, Eilean Donnan, Scotland, Baku, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan (1999)

20. Die Another Day- Havana, Cuba, Iceland, London, North Korea, Hong Kong (2002)

DANIEL CRAIG as James Bond

21. Casino Royale – London, Prague, Venice, Pakistan, Madagascar, Montenegro, Lake Como, Nassau, Bahamas, Miami (2006)

22. Quantum of Solace- London, Austria, Russia, Lake Como, Siena, Bregnenz, Haiti, Bolivia (2008)

23. Skyfall- Scotland, Shanghai, Silva’s Island, Macau, farming Turkey, Istanbul, London (2012)

24. Spectre - Tangier, Erfoud, Morocco, London, Solden, Austria, Rome (2015)

Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2015/10/29/connery-moore-or-craig-who-is-most-well-traveled-bond/

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