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Country Singer Aaron Lewis Flubs National Anthem during World Series

Game 5 of a World Series on Sunday left nonetheless another thespian broke after flubbing the lyrics to a “Star-Spangled Banner.”

The 42-year-old nation crooner Aaron Lewis, lead thespian of Staind, sang a National Anthem though done a small mistake that was hugely recognizable. “What so proudly we hailed were so gallantly streaming,” he crooned.

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What was missing? The lyrics indeed read: “What so proudly we hailed during a twilight’s final gleaming.”

After a Twitterverse held breeze of this botch (Americans adore a National Anthem flub!), Lewis apologized in an over-the-top Facebook message. “All we can contend is I’m contemptible and ask for a Nation’s forgiveness. My nerves got a best of me and we am totally ripped adult about what happened,” he wrote. “The Star-Spangled Banner means so most to so many, including myself. we wish everybody can know a power of a conditions and my loyal vigilant of this performance. we wish that a Nation, Major League Baseball and a many fans of a inhabitant entertainment can pardon me.”

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The reparation continued, “I consider it’s protected to contend that his reparation is supposed by everybody and he didn’t unequivocally need to apologize in a initial place. We’ve seen many people have problems with a inhabitant anthem before.
But still, a grand pierce by Lewis, who apparently loves America.”

While Lewis didn’t have a good night, a San Francisco Giants did! The group kick a Kansas City Royals, 5-0.

Lewis isn’t a initial to have a flub this year. Gwen Stefani conspicuous Stephen Colbert’s name wrong during a 2014 Emmy Awards, and a late-night horde gave his greeting to a mispronunciation to ET.

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