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Creed thespian Scott Stapp blames Obama for financial woes

A day after Scott Stapp — a uneasy lead thespian of a stone rope Creed — announced by a video posted to Facebook that he was pennyless and vital in a motel, a Florida local went behind on a open airwaves to pin his financial struggles on President Obama.

“A lot of income was stolen from me or royalties not paid and that’s when all ruin began to mangle loose,” Stapp claimed on Wednesday in an online video, observant he was a plant of a “vicious attack.”

On Thursday, Stapp took to a radio to elaborate on his problems. The former rocker told Roz Weston and Mocha Frap, of The Roz and Mocha Show on Toronto’s KiSS 92.5, that Obama was behind a conflict that left him pennyless and homeless.

“In 2012, we was doing a promotional debate for my book, Sinner’s Creed,” Stapp said. “I went on Fox News, we voiced a small regard and beating with President Obama. Well, within dual months of that statement, a IRS began to solidify my accounts.”

“I trust that a IRS conditions is really a outcome of me expressing my restlessness with President Obama,” he continued. “Absolutely, 100 percent. When my resources were frozen, we wasn’t means to compensate my mortgage.”

Though Stapp claims he is now sober, his open life has mostly consisted of weird and dramatic, infrequently sad, headlines given his 2004 separate with Creed, one of a many renouned Christian stone bands ever.

Though Stapp seemed to have stabilized his life with a adore of a new women, marrying former beauty black Jaclyn Nesheiwat Stapp in 2006, things have again left downhill fast. His disloyal mother recently filed for divorce; she claims her father is abusing amphetamines and continues to send her weird texts.

She recently expelled some of these texts, one of that reads: “Florida is not safe, biological weapons on a way. You have to leave with a kids. Meet me in Atlanta.”

In his radio talk Thursday, Stapp pronounced he’s solemn and mentally stable, carrying visited doctors and mental health professionals.

“They gave me a all clear… 100 percent.”

Article source: http://www.realitytvworld.com/news/creed-singer-scott-stapp-blames-obama-for-financial-woes-1040977.php

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