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Crooked transport representative could see extended jail stay – WLS

A Chicago transport representative stole millions from Muslims perplexing to make transport arrangements for their once-in-a-lifetime outing to Mecca. Now, a supervision wants to give him an extended stay in prison.

Rashid Minhas preyed on a prayerful. An I-Team review initial unprotected his intrigue 4 years ago. As partial of scheme, Minhas sealed adult Muslim true for their outing to Mecca and afterwards keep their income though delivering visas or craft tickets.

Minhas was convicted final February. He will be condemned subsequent week.

Muslims are approaching to finish a event to Mecca, called a hajj, before they die. For some, a lifetime of assets compensate for a trip.

Hundreds of a true any gave thousands of dollars to Minhas.

In 2011, a I-Team detected that Minhas never used their income on a tickets and accommodations that were promised. He stole it.

Despite nasty meetings with jilted travelers, many never saw a dime of their income returned. Minhas claimed he didn’t intend to fleece anyone, though simply wasn’t means to obtain adequate visas to Saudi Arabia.

Prosecutors didn’t buy it.

According to sovereign justice records, sovereign prosecutors will ask for a unbending judgment — between 14-and-a-half and 18-and-a-half years in prison.

Prosecutors pronounced Minhas is obliged for an dictated detriment of some-more than $1.1 million that he intentionally sought to steal. They pronounced Minhas spent a victims’ income on himself and his then-wife. On one occasion, with his business stranded during home instead of praying during mecca, Minhas was during Disneyworld.

In a new justice filing, Minhas’ profession maintains that a father of 3 can be a prolific member to society, yield restitution, and yield for his family if he is given a minimal jail sentence.

The transport agent’s counsel also suggests a judgment not involving serve jail time.

Article source: http://abc7chicago.com/news/crooked-travel-agent-could-see-extended-prison-stay/1077942/

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