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Cult fear authorization owners seeks indie dev for new ‘Condemned’ game

Condemned is entrance back. Maybe.

A few days ago, former Monolith Productions (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, No One Lives Forever) trainer Jace Hall posted something unequivocally engaging to Facebook: He wants to find an indie diversion growth group to collect adult a reigns of his Xbox 360 cult-classic franchise, Condemned, and make another diversion where we conflict abnormal creatures and demented hobos. He owns a rights to a fear franchise, though notwithstanding unchanging demand, he’s too bustling with other projects to work on a new diversion himself. Thankfully for Condemned fans, Hall’s got a plan.

It’s been 10 years given Condemned: Criminal Origins launched with the Xbox 360, and 7 given Condemned 2: Bloodshot launched. Don’t remember a franchise? It was a terrifying first-person movement game, and a initial entrance in a array was an early Xbox 360 exclusive.

Hall wants to see a array live on, and to assistance make that occur however possible. Giving an eccentric studio grant blanche is a best solution, he tells me around email. “My idea is to unequivocally commission an indie developer with full decision-making authority,” Hall says. That means a array of things, and whatever offer he accepts isn’t only singular to creation Condemned 3. “The [developer] will supply a prophesy of a content,” he says. “Perhaps a prequel? Perhaps a elementary mobile app for starters. I’m open to conference it all. That’s because we wish devs to send in proposals.

“I’d like to know what they would do with a famous authorization that is not encumbered with red fasten or artistic limitations… we don’t have any preconceived expectations about it.”

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Hall says we’re on a fork of a new call of creation in “entertainment art and science” and that he wants to be a enthusiast for that, so to speak. “I trust that a best proceed to this is to let a ardent developer do what they do best though division or stipulations imposed by me.” He says that he’ll advise if asked, though for a many partial isn’t going to micromanage and will stay out of a proceed as most as possible. “What we wish are proposals, ideas, etc.. I’d like to see developer creativity voiced by this franchise,” he says. “I don’t have any tying parameters.”

With no expectations from Hall comes a few fit questions. Namely, when will we indeed see this? And will it languish as vaporware? Hall says that there’s no proceed to know how prolonged a routine from representation to work starting will be, though he’ll oldster a proposals as fast as possible. “It could be 3 days or 3 years, whatever is a healthy sequence for a project. The one thing we can tell we is that we will pierce as fast as possible. we will be wilful and not drag my feet, though we also will not try and force things.”

He says that a volume of proposals he’s gotten given a Facebook post went live is usually increasing, and, joined with a volume of news coverage a post has gotten (ahem), it proves that there is still a lot of seductiveness in a franchise. Hall records that it’s unequivocally tough for an indie developer to get this kind of “instant media coverage” for a new project. As of this writing, a post has 660 comments and 160 shares. Nothing mind-blowing or “viral,” to be sure, though that’s plain seductiveness in a niche fear array that hasn’t gotten most courtesy in 7 years. “That creates this event all a some-more absolute for an indie developer to work with,” he says. What’s he looking for? In his words:

“What is your prophesy – (platform? Content approach? Etc.) The sky is a limit. No expectations here on my part. How are we means to govern on your vision? How large is your team? Do we have a team? Do we have technology, experience, money, relationships, whatever, etc.?

Basically, because should we trust that we can indeed govern what your prophesy calls for? Again – No expectations on this. we only wish to understand. What do we wish to offer me, in sell for extenuation a rights? Anything? What do we cruise is fair?

I have no numbers or expectations in mind. we have no specific structure in mind. Put together what creates clarity for we and a diversion we propose. we will cruise all placed in front of me. we will always cruise a whole package and not nitpick parts. we am not a video diversion publisher. we am not perplexing to find a ‘best deal’ – we am perplexing to find a right developer who wants to make a best GAME. we wish to know and support we as an indie.”

If we wish to get in touch, summary him around his Facebook page, or ping him on Twitter where he’ll answer elementary open questions that he thinks others competence advantage from. His aspirations seem a bit lofty, sure, though it’s tough to not get vehement about a probable new Condemned — especially with how a horror-game landscape has altered given Bloodshot‘s release. Hall thinks a gifted eccentric developer could take a authorization and pierce a whole genre forward. Looking during what independents have finished with games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Outlast it’s tough to remonstrate with him.

“I wish to inspire that,” he says. “I trust in people.”

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