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Curacity Offers A Booking Portal So Travel Media Sites Don’t Have To Build …

There is no necessity of sites that assistance we book your travel, either it be Expedia or Orbitz or Priceline. But a impulse for that transport mostly comes from calm combined by transport experts in a media business.

Curacity, a new startup shaped by EveryDay Health cofounder Michael Keriakos, aims to change that with a uninformed $1.4 million seed round, led by Greycroft. SBNY, Pinnacle Investment and Third Point Capital (and Keriakos himself) also participated in a round.

“I requisitioned a outing a few years ago and used a specific transport guide, that catalyzed a impulse for flattering most everything,” pronounced Keriakos. “But we requisitioned by one of a transport sites and satisfied that a media association that had given me all those good ideas was removing pennies on a dollar, while a transport site was creation hundreds.”

So Keriakos set out to build something different, vouchsafing media sites that put in a exhausting work to examination and emanate calm around these destinations have their possess engagement portal for travelers.

It started by building a horizon for transport bookings, that are rarely difficult and mostly too costly and formidable for media companies to commence on their own. Curacity protected some record from members usually hotel startup WantMeGetMe to assistance build that backend.

From there, Curacity skeleton to partner directly with focused media brands who are already formulating calm around transport destinations.

The initial partner in this tour is Surface Magazine, a skill focused heavily on design. As partial of a partnership, Curacity develops a possess website where Surface calm will not usually be featured, though be wholly searchable by a user, with a possess engagement portal.

By curating a 1,000 tip pattern hotels in a world, Surface can constraint some of a spend from a consumer that was creatively catalyzed by their possess content.

But Surface is only a initial partner for Curacity. The height looks to build out a food-based transport site and a business transport site in a entrance months, by partnerships with media properties that emanate calm for those verticals.

“You could consider of Curacity as a white-label solution,” pronounced Keriakos. “Media companies don’t wish to build out this record themselves, though they wish to be means to simply span their curated calm with this form of engagement portal, and that’s what we provide.”

Curacity is focused on a tip 10 percent to 20 percent of a market, putting a importance on business who are looking for something special rather than worrying about price.

You can check out Surface Hotels during a website here.

Article source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/20/curacity-offers-a-booking-portal-so-travel-media-sites-dont-have-to-build-their-own/

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