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CVS follows Rite-Aid, shuts off Apple Pay

Last Thursday drug store sequence Rite Aid Inc. (RAD) reportedly stopped usurpation payments done by a only launched Apple Pay complement from Apple (AAPL). On Saturday, CVS Health (CVS) was reported to have followed fit during a CVS pharmacy stores.

The emanate appears to be a conflict between Apple Pay and a mobile remuneration complement called CurrentC that is being grown by a retailer-owned mobile record outfit called Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX). Unlike Apple Pay, CurrentC does not use an NFC chip, though instead generates a QR formula that is displayed on a merchant’s checkout terminal. Customers who have already related their bank accounts to a CurrentC complement indicate a QR formula from a depot and a transaction is completed.

When Apple announced Apple Pay in early September, both Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) and Best Buy (BBY) pronounced they had no skeleton to adopt a new system. Both are partners in MCX along with other vital retailers like Target (TGT), Darden Restaurants (DRI), and Sears Holdings (SHLD).

MCX has been operative on a mobile remuneration resolution given 2011, and a pushing force behind a bid is to capacitate a merchants to equivocate essential a 2% to 3% credit label transaction fees charged by a likes of Visa (V) and MasterCard (MA). How many do these large retailers dislike essential fees to Visa and MasterCard? Former Walmart CEO Lee Scott is reported to have said, “I don’t know that MCX will succeed, and we don’t care. As prolonged as Visa suffers.”

That kind of opinion ought to assistance expostulate adoption of Apple Pay as well, though retailers have an investment in CurrentC and a complement has begun real-world contrast and is scheduled to go live early subsequent year. The advantage of CurrentC is that it works with existent checkout terminals, while Apple Pay requires that many retailers squeeze new apparatus to promulgate with a NFC chip in a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Among a retailers that do not need to buy new terminals are Best Buy, Rite Aid, and CVS, so their reason for shutting down entrance to Apple Pay is really expected contractual or an act of oneness with their associate CurrentC backers.

CVS and a other CurrentC companies will roughly positively use a complement exclusively for a comparatively brief time. If, as many observers expect, patron direct for NFC-based systems like Apple Pay grows rapidly, these retailers are not going to adopt a “my approach or a highway” opinion with their customers. They have schooled that when it comes to technology, it’s a consumer-driven universe and they only live in it. And one other thing retailers have — or should have schooled — is not to blink a energy of Apple in a consumer world.

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