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Damage control (noun): When Microsoft’s arch kickstarts farrago devise after …

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who progressing this month done astonishingly sexist comments to a room full of women, has motionless a about time to make his workforce some-more diverse.

The Microsoft trainer pronounced in a leaked memo to employees that a program hulk would start a array of initiatives including creation certain that employees accept equal compensate to their peers.

Nadella pronounced Microsoft would be operative to partisan “more different talent” into a ranks by looking to enhance a recruiting bottom and operative to make a comparison ranks some-more diverse. Additionally, Nadella pronounced that he will pull for new training for Microsoft employees that will find to urge a work sourroundings in Redmond.

“We all need to consider about how Connects are written, opening feedback is delivered, new hires are selected, how graduation and compensate decisions are made, etc. We need to concentration on both a unwavering and comatose meditative that affects all these things, and imperative training on [diversity and inclusion] is a good place to start,” Nadella told employees.

Microsoft, like many other companies in a IT, consumer wiring and amicable networking spaces has been found to be sorely lacking when it comes to worker farrago with poignant gender and racial farrago gaps in pivotal areas such as engineering and care positions.

Also on a cards for Microsoft techies is a concentration on shutting compensate gaps for employees. Nadella pronounced a association will make a pull to make certain that women and minority workers accept a same compensate as others who do a same job.

“We contingency safeguard not usually that everybody receives equal compensate for equal work, though that they have a eventuality to do equal work,” a Redmond trainer wrote.

The equal compensate emanate has no doubt weighed heavily on Nadella’s mind, given his catastrophic coming during a discussion for women in technology.

Speaking to attendees during a Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing event, a Microsoft CEO inserted his feet resolutely into his mouth when he suggested women seeking equal compensate not to ask for raises though instead trust a association to make good on compensation.

Nadella would afterwards go on to make a weird comparison of not seeking for raises to a “superpower” that would move “good karma” to women who stay silent.

The Microsoft trainer after recanted on a comments, job them “completely wrong”.

Let’s hope, for a consequence of Microsoft employees, that a memo is partial of a genuine pull for equivalence in Redmond and not only partial of a clean-up bid on Nadella’s behalf. ®

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Article source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/10/18/damage_control_nadella_suddenly_inspired_to_pursue_diversity_at_microsoft/

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