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Dana White was mad with UFC announcer Joe Rogan over a doubt he …

After dismantling Alexis Davis in 16 seconds on Saturday night during UFC 175, Ronda Rousey went by a common post-fight speak with UFC announcer Joe Rogan, usually this time Rogan put her on a spot.

In shutting out his line of questions, Rogan spoke into a microphone vouchsafing us know that a prolongation lorry requested he ask Rousey if she’d be peaceful to title UFC 176 on Aug. 2 now that Jose Aldo can no longer fight since of an damage suffered in training camp. So Rogan asked. And Rousey answered, charity adult a neutral response.

Then things got unequivocally ungainly — and moving — when UFC boss Dana White came into a picture, since it became really transparent a folks in a prolongation lorry went brute in seeking Rogan to put Rousey on a spot. White immediately approached Rousey and seemingly apologized to her for Rogan’s actions.

And afterwards Rogan put his palm on White’s shoulder as if to say, “Hey, relaaaaaax, man.” To that White responded with a genocide glance and something along a lines of “that’s a dumbest (expletive) doubt ever,” according to my lip-reading skills.


Article source: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/07/ufc-175-ronda-rousey-dana-white-joe-rogan-question

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