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‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: Bindi cries, though doesn’t have to go home

On a Monday night when a “Dancing With The Stars” final 4 was whittled down to three, Bindi Irwin once again stole a uncover with flawless dancing and tender emotion.

The 17-year-old “DWTS” heavenly got a ideal 60 points for dual dances and her freestyle left everybody teary-eyed as she achieved a balletic contemporary series with partner Derek Hough after revelation operation cameras, “Dad is still with me any day.”

At a finish of a freestyle dance, footprints superimposed on a “sand” of a ballroom led to a honeyed design of Bindi hugging her father Steve, a Crocodile Hunter who died tragically in 2006 after a stingray attack.

Incredibly, Bindi told co-host Erin Andrews on camera that a final shot was a surprise: “I didn’t know that print was going to be adult [there].”

After cameras held Bindi as good as assembly members Leah Remini and Bindi’s mom Terri shedding tears, Judge Julianne Hough summed adult a feeling: “You’ve left an impress on any one of a hearts.”  

Backstage after a show, Andrews, who had also been visibly moved, told FOX411 about Bindi, “I get sad.[Her father] upheld divided during such a immature age for her. Her whole tour here has usually been something that’s been so romantic for anybody that’s tighten to their parents.”

Although Bindi didn’t pronounce to a press after a uncover since of Monday’s prolongation report (in that usually a separated integrate did media interviews), she told Andrews after her dream night, “This whole knowledge has meant a universe to me.”

Think she would go home after that?  Not on your life! Even yet he warranted a ideal 60 points for his dual clever Monday dances with partner Witney Carson, Carlos PenaVega was separated formed on a judges’ scores and spectator votes from a past dual weeks.

PenaVega and his amatory mother Alexa (who got a “DWTS” mattock dual weeks ago) common their Christianity with viewers all season, and he told FOX411 backstage, “You gotta have a lot of faith [in this competition]. Anything can occur and my nerves would get to me before any dance and we would usually lay there and Witney was amazing, she would urge with me. we came on a uncover to uncover God’s love, a adore that we had for everybody … being a certain light.”

Of elimination, he said, “No complaints. We’re happy … a usually bummer is we didn’t have a possibility to win though it was a good experience.

“I got to learn about a lot of conflicting things. we schooled how these live shows work, how to dance, how to understanding with Witney Carson,” he laughed. “We had to fundamentally turn best friends for over 3 months, and that’s not an easy thing … that’s some-more than I’ve seen my mother [this season] … we had to learn how to be tighten with somebody of a conflicting sex. There was usually a lot going on. we consider we did a good job. We got to a final four.”

And PenaVega, whose hip bound freestyle featured him dancing with deteriorate 21′s formerly separated stars Alexa, Paula Deen, and Hayes Grier while dressed in a football jersey emblazoned with a “10,” pronounced he has a souvenir: “I’m holding a jersey. we don’t caring what ‘DWTS’ says!”

Also on Monday night’s show, sight favourite Alek Skarlatos done it by to a culmination with a measure of 57 out of 60 for his dual dances, a many considerable of that was a freestyle formed on an army barrier course.

During a routine, Skarlatos and partner Lindsay Arnold climbed a wall with ropes and had to tumble off of it retrograde for a thespian ending.

Backstage, Judge Carrie Ann Inaba told FOX411 that a Army National Guardsman who helped lame a militant on a Paris sight this summer has truly schooled how to dance.

“He’s so indifferent and so absolute and so unchanging that it’s tough for him to go wrong. He valid himself worthy,” Inaba said, also giving credit to Arnold.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter will be fasten Irwin and Skarlatos in Tuesday night’s “DWTS” grand culmination after his ideal 60 night with partner Sharna Burgess. He achieved to a Backstreet Boys strain “Larger Than Life” in an enterprising concert-themed freestyle.

“I wish to win,” Carter pronounced in operation footage.

But who WILL win?

Longtime Judge Inaba told reporters, “It’s hard,” though added, “Bindi’s been a front-runner. we consider a lot of people are meditative that Bindi could take this home.”

However, Inaba cautioned, “I would be a small disturbed when somebody seems to be such a front-runner. Sometimes people forget to vote.  We’ve seen crazy things occur and upsets.”

Tuesday’s “DWTS” will uncover who gets to take home a famous counterpart round prize for deteriorate 21.

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