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David Price ‘extremely thankful’ David Ortiz embraced him

FORT MYERS, Fla. — One day later, new Boston Red Sox starter David Price still can’t trust how cold it was to transparent a atmosphere with Big Papi.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” Price pronounced Tuesday morning of his Monday hall assembly with David Ortiz. “He told me he had my back. It started with a handshake and finished with a hug, so it couldn’t have went any better.”

“I competence not have shown it, though it’s something we suspicion about intensely often.”

David Price on saying David Ortiz during Red Sox camp

In an talk with WEEI on Tuesday morning, Price pronounced he “was intensely grateful for that and we told him that.”

The dual have an hostile past, dating behind to a days when Price was with a Tampa Bay Rays. At one point, Ortiz said, “it’s a war” and claimed he no longer had honour for Price. Price objected to a “war” vernacular and pronounced Ortiz “looks like he’s bigger than a diversion of baseball.”

With that story in mind, Price wondered what would occur when they finally met as teammates. The doubt wormed a approach into Price’s psyche, and he played out a unfolding in his head.

“I indispensable that. we unequivocally indispensable that,” Price told WEEI in his radio interview.

“It was something, we competence not have shown it, though it’s something we suspicion about intensely often, either it was being in a training room or a weight room for an hour, and afterwards entrance behind in here, ‘Is he going to be here?’ Or waking adult a subsequent morning, pushing to a field, ‘Is he going to be in a clubhouse? Is he going to be in a food room when we travel in there? What do we do when we see him?’ we didn’t know. we was usually in limbo.”

Red Sox contend Sandoval’s weight not a concern

Red Sox boss of ball operations Dave Dombrowski says he is not endangered about Pablo Sandoval’s weight.

Price’s sense of Big Papi now?

“Just all I’ve heard,” he told reporters. “I didn’t know Big Papi a person. we usually knew a ball player. That’s what creates this diversion so special — to get to know people on a personal level, since that’s a things that lasts forever. Baseball is going to finish for everybody during some point. You have a relations and friendships to take divided from it.”

Asked if he competence cruise throwing a representation behind Ortiz during live batting use usually as a joke, Price said, “No, we am not. we am not. we don’t consider we have a control right now to chuck one behind somebody, so it’s not something I’ll be doing.”

Price pronounced a vibe in a hall altered dramatically Monday, though that competence have had as most to do with a attainment of Dustin Pedroia as Big Papi.

“I had listened whenever Pedey gets in, it’s going to be a lot louder,” Price said. “And that’s awesome. Once we get gentle and we can spend some time here, we can move some opposite things as well. Everybody brings something opposite to a clubhouse. Everybody brings something opposite to a field. To me, that’s what it’s all about — saying people when they’re comfortable, since that’s when your loyal colors come out.”

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