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Dead Cat Bounce? GTAT Shares Jump After Bloodbath

Let a brief covering begin. After removing broken yesterday, shares of GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ: GTAT) are entertainment a recovery. Bottom feeding traders are laying a contingency today, and a pitch aloft is on.

Does this meant a batch will redeem to a prior highs? Don’t count on it. With a marketplace top being wiped out by yesterday’s Chapter 11 filing, lawyers are now removing involved. Shareholders mislaid utterly a bit yesterday, with around 30 ETFs counting GTAT as partial of their holdings. That doesn’t count a particular investors still holding.

It is tough to suppose that after a iPhone event, anyone still believed in a GTAT story. Sapphire Glass did not make it into a iPhone 6 lineup, and was usually announced for a Apple Watch. An unproven product. The cost announced for a Apple Watch was impossibly deceptive, with a starting cost of $349. Expect a cost tab to get over a grand in a hurry.

So, what happened to GTAT? Without a towering of turquoise potion orders, they were left out in a cold by Apple. Granted, with a marketplace top collapsing from a billion and to only over $170 million currently, Apple could buy a retailer on a cheap.

It seems unavoidable that turquoise potion will make it into Apple’s iPhone line, though it might be too late for GTAT. Investors remove millions, and a Cramer abuse continues to ring true.

GTAT will now have to understanding with an review by Ryan Maniskas LLP for intensity bonds law violations by certain officers in a company.

Today? Day traders are carrying a margin day with a stock, that is adult around 60% on a 7 times a normal three-month volume. It won’t lessen a pain of long-term shareholders, though income is being done in a batch that repelled Wall Street yesterday with a remarkable Chapter 11 filing.

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