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Déjà vu all over again: Windows 7 will be a new XP

Computerworld - Even as enterprises try to inform their final Windows XP machines, Gartner analysts currently urged organizations to start formulation for a finish of Windows 7.

“Now we need to worry about a next version?” Michael Silver of Gartner rhetorically asked today. In fact, yes. “Objects in a destiny are closer than they appear,” he quipped.

Microsoft has affianced to support Windows 7 until Jan. 14, 2020, or 5 years and 5 months from today. The company’s “Mainstream” support — a front finish of a 10-year widen — ends Jan. 13, 2015, though a organisation will continue to yield confidence rags for a renouned OS for another 5 years after that in a “Extended” support phase.

With some-more than 5 years left on a support time — and with many enterprises carrying usually wrapped adult their emigration to Windows 7 — because start formulation now?

“While this feels like it’s a prolonged approach off, organizations contingency start formulation now so they can forestall a regularity of what happened with Windows XP,” pronounced Silver and Gartner co-worker Stephen Kleynhans, a dual analysts who authored a new news for a organisation tagged “Plan Now to Avoid Windows XP Deja Vu With Windows 7.”

In fact, pronounced Silver, a time between a expected launch of Windows 8′s follow-up — during a impulse called “Threshold” by many, including Silver — and a finish of Windows 7′s support is approximately a same as a timespan between Windows 7′s entrance and XP’s retirement: About four-and-a-half years.

And everybody knows how that incited out.

Not well: According to Gartner’s surveys, scarcely 25% of a PCs in organizations — private enterprises, supervision agencies and a like — were still using XP in Apr when Microsoft pulled a patch plug. That same 25% was cited by Web metrics businessman Net Applications as a commission of a world’s personal computers using XP final month.

Having a plan, Silver stressed, could assistance organizations equivocate a repeat of XP’s costly end-of-support scramble. And time is ticking.

“Microsoft will shortly start articulate about Threshold, during slightest they need to start articulate about it shortly if they devise on shipping it subsequent year,” pronounced Silver in an interview. “They need to give business an thought of what a highway map is going to be.”

And when Microsoft starts talking, organizations should start listening, if usually to try to figure out either there’s adequate disproportion between Threshold and a Windows 8 wave to dedicate to a former. If Threshold is simply a warmed-over Windows 8, afterwards enterprises contingency know that, too — and as shortly as possible, so that they can postpone emigration skeleton wholly and wish that whatever comes after Threshold is palatable.

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