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Derek Zoolander Gives Fans an In-Depth Walk Through of His Diet and Beauty Regimens

Ben Stiller, Zoolander, Vogue
Ben Stiller, Zoolander, VogueAnnie Leibovitz/ VOGUE

As a venerable indication of Vogue‘s Feb cover, Derek Zoolander has invited a camera organisation into his unit for an disdainful walk-through of his general supermodel lifestyle. 

It’s been 15 years given a runway unchanging was final in a American spotlight, though a venerable trendsetter doesn’t demeanour like he’s aged a day. Chock it adult to tip-top genes, though Zoolander isn’t holding a possibility on predestine to stay really, unequivocally good-looking.

Instead, he has combined a Manhattan refuge designed to safety his iconic look. Bonus—he is finally mouth-watering fans inside for an in-depth look. 

To start, plcae is pivotal for a cover star. You won’t ever find him in Brooklyn—he unequivocally hopes “they find a cure” for a location. Instead, he enjoys a Big Apple for it’s diversity. “You have unequivocally appealing people and also really appealing people.” 

In progressing his slim physique, he avoids a subway. “Sandwiches are a gateway to cake.”

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As an alternative, he gets his weight reps in during his wardrobe racks, pulling a unresolved equipment behind and onward as he browses. 

While Zoolander insists a hardest partial about being a indication is all a chafing, he avoids a daily annoy of sweating during his heated workouts by carrying his persperate glands totally removed. “Any sweating we see me do is by a surrogate.”

Don’t count on Zoolander to spend too most time in a kitchen, either. His slightest favorite dishes are “solids.” He sticks to a despotic diet of H2O with lemon to drink, H2O with orange to eat and—if he wants to splurge—he’ll squeeze a H2O with a cucumber slice. His fridge is stocked with H2O bottles and bags of tender carrots, though if he’s carrying a quite stressful day, he’ll spin to a kale colonic to “decompress.”

Finally, his beauty slight is equally perplexing and pricey, as expected. He suggested he already has a packaged report for tomorrow since he has to get his eyebrows lifted, his ears pinned and his swell symbol removed. Though, in between lifts, he has taken to “knitting” his brows as a hobby. 

Unfortunately, even an adonis like Zoolander can’t grasp his possess chronicle of soundness notwithstanding such dedication. He certified that he cried watching 12 Years of Slave because he was hostile of one of a A-list actors. 

Brad Pitt‘s highlights were only so perfect.”

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