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Destiny’s ‘House of Wolves’ DLC Gets A Release Date And A Trailer

Fans have been watchful given a commencement of 2015 for central information about Destiny’s second expansion, House of Wolves. Well, “waiting” isn’t unequivocally a right word, given that some of a many clinging players indeed pacifist low into a existent diversion to cave for information about a DLC. Bungie told fans not to trust what was unearthed, given that many of it was merely manikin placeholders for destiny content.

But now Bungie is starting to lot out tangible information about House of Wolves, namely when we’ll indeed see it released. The enlargement will be out May 19th, and the announcement debuted alongside a new “Prologue Trailer” that can be seen below.

The 100-second mark is a prerendered, not-in-engine cutscene, that is a relations monument for Destiny. It’s narrated by a Awoken Queen of a Reef (voice singer Kirsten Potter) who explains that after display a Fallen mercy, a Awoken were tricked by them. She’s “offering a cache of a realm” as annuity for Guardians to come into a Reef and accurate reprisal on a Fallen.

The shave confirms what many have famous for a while about House of Wolves, that we’ll be operative for a Queen and a Reef will be a new, playable area, during slightest in part. we consider that it won’t be a distance of a full-on world like a zones we see in Earth, Mars Mars, Venus and a Moon, though a genuine new area is something to applaud nonetheless, as a initial DLC, Crota’s End, usually unbarred a few nooks and crannies of existent maps.

Also earnest is a thought that there competence indeed be some emergence of story trustworthy to this DLC, including hopefully new cutscenes that enhance on a science of a game. The Queen and her hermit are characters we’ve already encountered in a diversion to date, and already this would seem to be some-more concerned story-wise than Crota’s End, that introduced a story by a further of a new Tower businessman alone whose carnival was singular to a handful of goal voiceovers.

It seems expected that Bungie has worked to redress many of a problems of Crota’s End, hence a check between a final DLC and this one. Crota’s End came out only 3 months after a recover of a strange game, though now House of Wolves won’t arrive until a finish of May, definition it’s going to be about 5 and a half months in between a final dual pieces of content. The check means some-more fans have substantially mislaid seductiveness in the game, though if a calm itself is good enough, it could move them back.

I consider it’s good Bungie took some additional time with House of Wolves, and we have to suppose they’ll have schooled a lot from Crota’s End. They’ll have had to, given that a many common view we listened among fans after a recover of a initial DLC was “if House of Wolves is only like this I’m done.”

Destiny expansions, labelled during a large $20 any if we didn’t though a deteriorate pass, are a wily tender for Bungie given how most fans wish them to supplement to a diversion in sequence to feel substantial, though also not diverge swell in uncanny ways. Crota’s End riled many players who found that rigging they’d worked tough to get in a strange Raid was now done now invalid by what even common vendors sold, and that if they wanted to ascent their stream Exotic arsenal, they’d be forced to erase all swell on their existing gear.

At a same time as appreciative maestro players, Bungie also has to travel a line to captivate defunct, reduce turn players behind into a overlay as well, many of whom are expected to have quit during what we call “The Gulf,” a levels between 20-26 or so where players are wholly reliant on propitious drops to advance, and where there isn’t all that most fun to be had. So with Wolves, Bungie will entrance new calm by DLC, though if players aren’t high adequate in level, many might not be means to tackle it.

I’ve already laid out in some-more fact what Bungie needs to do with House of Wolves for a health of a game, and you can take a demeanour during that here if we like. I’ll have some-more in-depth thoughts as some-more information comes to light over a march of a subsequent month, though for now, a date and a trailer will have to suffice.

Update: House of Wolves will not enclose a Raid, and will instead have a ‘Prison of Elders,’ some arrange of Horde Mode form activity. Whoa.

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