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Did New York Rangers Err in Handling Henrik Lundqvist’s Throat Injury?

NEW YORK — There’s a excellent line between tough and foolish in hockey. 

Henrik Lundqvist and a New York Rangers have spent a past week blurring that line.

According to Larry Brooks of a New York Post, Lundqvist will be out for during slightest a month after holding a wrist shot to throat during a team’s 3-2 win opposite a Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday night. Coach Alain Vigneault conjunction reliable nor denied that news Friday, nonetheless Lundqvist is not concomitant a group for a competition in Nashville on Saturday.

Lundqvist’s tough-guy conditions is unique, as these situations tend to be. It can’t be compared to when Boston‘s Gregory Campbell spent about a notation murdering a chastisement on a damaged leg in a 2013 discussion finals or when Ian Laperriere of a Flyers lied about concussion symptoms so he could continue personification in a postseason. 

Someone is during error for a Rangers to some degree. Someone has to take responsibility.

Consider a stage during Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. Ryan McDonagh cut in front of Lundqvist and incidentally carried his throat guardian during a accurate impulse Carolina’s Brad Malone unleashed a shot that would have possibly harmlessly deflected off thick cosmetic or sailed 6 feet over a net in roughly any other situation. Instead, with Lundqvist’s conduct slanted back, his eyes forced roof toward a Garden ceiling, a puck crashed into his throat, blank his larynx by verbatim inches.

What followed was one of a scariest sites during MSG in new history, right adult there with defenseman Marc Staal holding a deflected slap shot in a eye in 2013. Lundqvist collapsed to a ice, hands around his throat, his legs flailing and kicking as he desperately gasped for air. Lundqvist pronounced after a diversion that it took around a notation or dual for him to pull atmosphere into his lungs.

Lundqvist was yet oxygen to his mind for about a minute. Maybe longer.

Trainers from both a Hurricanes and Rangers came onto a ice to inspect Lundqvist. His jaw, neck and presumably all else were checked for damage. With a Rangers heading 2-0 in a second duration of a diversion opposite a group they could’ve degraded with Cam Talbot in net, it seemed like a foregone end that Lundqvist would exit a diversion to an ovation.

Instead, Lundqvist stayed in, that in a tough-guy enlightenment is worshiped by fans as most as players, and perceived a loudest acclaim of a night.

Afterward, though, Lundqvist’s outline of what he felt while down in his double done that preference troubling.

“When we get hit, apparently it’s painful, and it’s tough to exhale for a integrate of minutes,” Lundqvist pronounced that night. “Very light-headed. we got a small disturbed a initial notation or so yet afterwards they told me usually to exhale and solemnly we started to feel better. The initial integrate of mins it was some-more for me to usually see is it going to start to feel improved after a while. we solemnly did. we had some headaches a rest of a game. we theory that’s normal since we couldn’t exhale there for a small bit.”

Here’s where a irrationality of this conditions appears. It’s tough to contend for sure, yet this has all a markings of conditions where medical professionals should have overridden a enterprise of a rival contestant to sojourn in a diversion with those symptoms.

Lundqvist had headaches and bouts of nausea over a final dual durations opposite Carolina. The group is observant Lundqvist did not humour a concussion, that might make some clarity on a surface. But a blow to a conduct isn’t indispensably compulsory for a concussion to occur; if there is adequate force behind a blow to a neck—say, for instance, a point-blank wrist shot that sends a solidified rubber front into a neck—that too can means a concussion.

Let’s, for a consequence of argument, determine that Lundqvist does not have a concussion and did not play 5 some-more durations with one.

Who cares?

He spoke plainly about carrying nausea and headaches in a issue of a potentially life-threatening injury. If it walks like a concussion and quacks like a concussion…

What creates this generally gross is Vigneault was celebration to one of a scariest on-ice injuries in NHL history.

Vigneault was coaching a Montreal Canadiens in 1990 when one of his players, Trent McCleary, scarcely died after restraint a slap shot by Philadelphia’s Chris Therrien. McCleary’s larynx was fractured and his lung collapsed. Emergency medicine was achieved during a locus to emanate an airway, that saved McCleary’s life and authorised him to strech a sanatorium in time.

McCleary’s career was over.

When asked what he was meditative when he saw Lundqvist writhing on a ice Saturday, Vigneault removed that occurrence with ideal clarity.

How could Vigneault immediately peep on that occurrence and not mislay Lundqvist as a precaution? Or during a really least, give Lundqvist a following diversion opposite Florida off? If anyone in that building had specific knowledge with a dangers of a puck to a throat, it’s Vigneault, and he chose to do nothing.

When Laperriere had his concussion symptoms in 2010, he hid them from a team, so it’s tough to hang censure on a Flyers. In Lundqvist’s case, he spoke overtly about carrying headaches and nausea during a diversion and a Rangers did zero about it—not in a moments he was down on a ice and not afterward. 

Should Lundqvist have famous better? Maybe. If he puts faith in a team’s medical staff, speaks overtly of his symptoms and he’s told he’s fine, what can he do? If a group alloy says we are medically able of personification and we ask out of a lineup, what arrange of tarnish does that place on you? How will your teammates perspective you? How will we perspective yourself? Better fit adult opposite Florida.

It’s generally confounding when we cruise Lundqvist sealed a seven-year, $59.5 million agreement final season. It’s not as yet Lundqvist is a fourth-line plugger, forced to disguise an damage so he can continue usually flourishing in a league. He could substantially arrive during a course in a lane fit and no one would care.

Are these piping-hot takes on Lundqvist and a Rangers mostly hindsight? Absolutely. Sitting in a press box after a diversion that night, we wasn’t certain what to think. If a group says it’s not a concussion, because not let Lundqvist quarrel by those frightful symptoms? If they are usually going to recede as he draws some-more oxygen into his lungs, what does it matter if he’s doing that in a locker room or on a ice? If he can’t make a damage worse, afterwards maybe it’s OK he plays.

Clearly, we was wrong. And so were a Rangers.

Someone let Lundqvist down this week. If those closest to him didn’t commend a astringency of a injury, maybe he needs improved people around him.


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