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Did Scott Foley Almost Drop a Big ‘Scandal’ Spoiler? Discuss.

Shonda Rhimes‘ actors are famous for being really tight-lipped about their shows, clever to not give divided any sum that could be deliberate spoilers. Scandal‘s Scott Foley was clearly no opposite during his entrance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday — unless we were examination him like a stalker closely.

(Slight spoilers forward if we haven’t seen a Oct. 23 part of Scandal.)

It all started with Foley articulate about either or not his character, Jake, is a good man and how he’s being wrongfully indicted of murdering President Fitz’s son. “So I’ve been put in prison, a boss has kick me adult perplexing to get a admission out of me,” he said. “That happens. But we still get to — ” and afterwards he stops for a impulse before rephrasing his sentence. “Well, before this we was still kissing a girl, that is what matters right?”

“But we still get to” what!? What was going to come after those words? It could simply have been something non-spoilery like, “But we still get to taunt Fitz with all we did with Olivia while on a beautiful pleasant island” or “But we still get to go behind to my happy place during a moment’s notice.” These are all things Jake has done. 

However, it could also only as simply been, “But we still get to lick Olivia,” as in present tense. As in, this is something Foley has already filmed though satisfied — only in a scrape of time — he couldn’t exhibit since that part hasn’t aired yet. Why else would he stop himself, and afterwards immediately anxiety “kissing a girl”?

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I competence be creation an Olivia and Jake–shaped towering out of a molehill — and incurring Olitz-shippers’ rage in a routine — though though it’s fun to suppose what Foley could have pronounced as we wait to see how this plays out in a entrance weeks.

So we entice we to finish Foley’s judgment in a comments with whatever we consider he was going to say. “But we still get to have conjugal visits with Olivia.” (OK, that final one is desperately reaching, though whatever.)

Foley also talked about his arriving (real-life) baby. He pronounced Jake is “not during all” in jail so that a actor could have some-more time off, that competence be overpowering for Foley though good news for Jake fans. (Is there a idea in this too somehow? Maybe. There’s clues everywhere if we see a universe by Jake-colored glasses.)

Either way, it’s fun to watch Scott Foley speak about anything. Enjoy and afterwards get to commenting.

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