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Divorce Award Nears $1 Billlion; Shale Pioneer Asks for Family Photos, Shotguns

Oklahoma billionaire Harold Hamm was systematic to compensate $972 million of a $16.1 billion oil attention happening to his wife, while gripping a bulk of his 68 percent interest in Continental Resources Inc. following a quarrelsome divorce trial.

The preference was mostly a feat for Hamm, who was authorised to keep control of a association in partial since witnesses identified him as a pushing force behind Continental, with one job him a “captain of a ship.” Hamm, a company’s chairman, also was systematic to compensate most reduction than what could have been awarded to his wife.

Hamm, 68, who helped colonize shale scrutiny in a Bakken oil dish of North Dakota and Montana, served as an appetite confidant to 2012 Republican presidential claimant Mitt Romney. He is a authority and largest shareholder of Continental, a biggest leaseholder in a Bakken, and a region’s tip oil producer.

“While a billion dollars is zero to sneeze at, Harold Hamm and his attorneys left a courtroom really good wakeful that they had scored a really outrageous victory,” Seymour J. Reisman, a divorce counsel with a New York organisation of Reisman, Peirez, Reisman and Capobianco, pronounced in an e-mail.

A billionaire’s associate of several decades should’ve approaching to accept during slightest 25 percent to 30 percent of a marital assets, that “would’ve have amounted to between $4.25 billion and $5.1 billion. Mrs. Hamm perceived underneath 4 percent,” he said.

Photographer: Scott Eells/Bloomberg

Harold Hamm, authority of Continental Resources Inc., speaks during an talk in New York, on Nov. 10, 2011. Close

Harold Hamm, authority of Continental Resources Inc., speaks during an talk in New… Read More


Photographer: Scott Eells/Bloomberg

Harold Hamm, authority of Continental Resources Inc., speaks during an talk in New York, on Nov. 10, 2011.

His Company

“The association was his before a marriage,” pronounced Michael Burrage, a counsel for Hamm, who combined that Hamm won’t have to repay any holdings. “He can hoop profitable what a justice has systematic him to pay, and nothing of this will impact Continental.”

Sue Ann Hamm sued for divorce in 2012, and a integrate stipulated to a “state of mutual unsuited incompatibility” a following year. However, they compulsory a 10-week hearing in Oklahoma City to arrange out their financial differences.

After a 26-year marriage, she will accept a pile sum remuneration of $323 million by a finish of this year, followed by $7 million a month until a change she’s due underneath a direct is paid, according to papers sealed yesterday by Oklahoma state decider Harold Haralson. Along with cash, Sue Ann Hamm was awarded a couple’s $4.7 million home in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, their $15 million plantation in California’s Carmel Valley and all of a batch solely a span of horses named “Star” and “Uno.”

Moving Horses

Harold Hamm was systematic to pierce a horses within 3 days.

He got a couple’s $750,000 home in Branson, Missouri, a $10 million jet and -– by a judge’s calculation — $1.9 billion some-more of a marital resources than his wife, according to justice papers.

“In a final mins of a trial,” Hamm “requested that he be awarded certain family pictures, a few books, guns, shotguns, some pictures, geode in quartz arrangement and his palm tools,” according to a divorce papers.

The justice concluded to all solely a stone display, that was given to his wife, an profession who worked for a time in Continental’s gas trade and oil selling departments.

Appeal ‘Justified’

“Because of how most income we have during stake, we gamble we’re looking during an appeal,” pronounced M. Shane Henry, a partner with a family law organisation Fry Elder in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who wasn’t concerned with a case. “It could have presumably been divided some-more agreeably toward her, and when you’re articulate about several hundred million dollars, even tighten to a billion dollars, we would contend a responsibility to try an interest would be justified.”

Ron Barber a counsel for Hamm’s wife, pronounced he is deliberation either to appeal. While observant such hurdles are uncommon, he concurred that “there’s been a lot of conjecture about her liberation being in a mixed billions.”

The youngest of 13 children innate to bad Oklahoma sharecroppers, Hamm got into a oil business during age 18, holding over payments on a used tank lorry and borrowing $1,000 to emanate a one-man oilfield services business in farming Ringwood, Oklahoma.

Four years later, in 1967, he incorporated Shelly Dean Oil and started wildcatting. Shelly Dean was a start of what is now Continental Resources, one of a largest eccentric scrutiny and prolongation oil firms in a U.S., and a source of Hamm’s multibillion-dollar fortune.

Bakken Proponent

An early proponent of a Bakken field, Hamm’s association pumped 50 million barrels in 2013, and increasing a valid pot to 1.1 billion barrels, quadruple a volume it reported 3 years earlier. The Oklahoma City-based association also operates in Texas and Louisiana.

Hamm is a 28th-richest American. He helped rise a use of laterally drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Continental is now a biggest Bakken operator, with a 1.2 million hactare leasehold that exceeds even that of Exxon Mobil Corp., a world’s largest appetite writer by marketplace value.

In a early years of their marriage, a integrate frequently trafficked together. She accompanied him on vocalization engagements and “on weekends and other times, a parties would take family drives around western Oklahoma to demeanour during good sites, yards and differently examine oil and gas production,” according to a divorce papers.

‘Phenomenal Growth’

Haralson awarded a value of all of a couple’s Continental batch to Hamm, whom witnesses described during a hearing as essentially obliged for Continental’s “phenomenal growth.”

Hamm also perceived a bulk of a couple’s other investments in a skill settlement, including all of his Continental 401(K). He offering his mother half of a roughly $500,000 value of a account; she told him to keep it, according to justice papers.

Continental shares were trade during $71.31 a day she filed for divorce and traded as high as $150.00 a share during a trial, according to a justice papers. On a final day of a trial, Continental shares traded during $58.06 after a 2-for-1 split. The decider pronounced he used $116.12 as a share cost to calculate a value of Hamm’s stock.

In dividing adult other investments, Hamm told a decider it “wouldn’t harm his feelings” to give his $3 million interest in Orbit Gas Transmission to his wife. The decider motionless a third celebration also owned partial and gave all a shares to Hamm.

The box is Hamm v. Hamm, FD-2012-2048, District Court of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma (Oklahoma City).

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