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Djoker jokes around with a tennis superfan

  • NEW YORK — For a few seconds, radio viewers and a integrate hundred fans who remained in Arthur Ashe Stadium for a finish of a Novak Djokovic-Andreas Haider-Maurer compare shortly before midnight Wednesday, might have suspicion it was another frightful part of a fan breaching security.

    But yet it was not planned, Djokovic was in on a fun and informed with veteran “fan” Cameron Hughes, famous to sports fans in 4 countries for his comedic and dance routines.

    Hughes, using down from a stands, onto a justice and past during slightest one confidence ensure who primarily attempted to reason him up, danced with Djokovic and slipped an “I adore New York” T-shirt over a conduct of a top-ranked actor in a world, who joyfully, if clumsily, assimilated in a fun.

    “I’m blissful that he came down to a court,” Djokovic said. “It was not planned. I’m happy for him. He’s a loyal entertainer. we know him for really 5 years. Each year we see him in one of my matches, dancing, holding down a layers of [his] T-shirts.”

    If there was any concern, it was with good reason as, only 4 months ago, a fan during a French Open pennyless by confidence during Roger Federer’s post-match interview, extraordinary and angering a 17-time Grand Slam champion, who had been approached by designation seekers on a use justice a day before.

    That selfie-seeking fan was after incarcerated and told he could not attend a contest for a rest of a fortnight.

    But on Wednesday, a actor had a final laugh.

    “You know, it never gets old,” Djokovic said. “It’s always good to see him dance, perform. He gets a throng going in a night event in Arthur Ashe, that is always really singular for players and for fans.”

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