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DMan’s NFL Picks, Week 11: New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers get it done

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The New England Patriots produce a Buffalo Bills during home to sojourn undefeated, and a Green Bay Packers right themselves with a hard-fought feat over a Vikings in Minnesota.

At slightest that is how we see dual outcomes of NFL Week 11 games when picking opposite a widespread (for party functions only, of course).

  • Season’s record ATS: 68-73-5
  • Week 1: 8-7-1
  • Week 2: 8-8
  • Week 3: 10-6
  • Week 4: 5-10
  • Week 5: 6-7-1
  • Week 6: 6-6-2
  • Week 7: 9-5
  • Week 8: 6-7-1
  • Week 9: 4-9
  • Week 10: 6-8

Week 10 summary: There is 0 flukish about 16-24-1 in a past 3 weeks, or 68-73-5 by 10 weeks. we am in a rut given a numbers contend so. No excuses. No prize for participation.

Unlike other bad weeks, though, we did not grub teeth over this one. That is given what happened in 5 of my waste caused me to chuck adult my hands and consider that maybe, usually maybe, winning is not meant to be.

we had Green Bay -11 1/2 during home over Detroit. Packers not usually didn’t cover, they mislaid outright, 18-16. The Lions had not degraded a Packers on a highway given 1991. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers threw 61 times — and his group mislaid to a squalid Lions.

we had Philadelphia -6 1/2 during home over Miami. Eagles led by 13 after one entertain and lost, 20-19. QB Sam Bradford exited in a third entertain given of damage and concussion (Eagles were leading, 16-13). Mark Sanchez transposed him.

we had a Browns +4 1/2 on highway over Pittsburgh. Browns were not going to win, nonetheless we am assured they were going to keep it tighten — until Steelers QB Landry Jones suffered an damage in a initial half. “Backup” Ben Roethlisberger limped onto a field, threw for 4,000 yards, and a Steelers won, 30-9.

we had Denver -6 during home over Kansas City. Broncos QB Peyton Manning, attempting to play by several aches and pains, went 5-of-20 for 35 yards and 4 interceptions before a “no mas” exit. Manning done Brandon Weeden seem like a Hall of Famer, and a Broncos lost, 29-13.

we had Seattle -3 during home over Arizona. Seahawks, featuring a invulnerability that is ostensible to strike fear in opponents, were a acquire pad in losing, 39-32. we still can't hang my mind around these Seahawks permitting 39 points during home to anybody.

Week 11 predictions: The lines, as will be a box all season, are from MGM Mirage around vegasinsider.com as of Wednesday afternoon unless remarkable (entertainment functions only).

Thursday night

@ Jacksonville -3 over Tennessee

Skinny: Jaguars QB Blake Bortles is flourishing on me. Jaguars, 24-17.


Washington +7 over @ Carolina

Skinny: There is something about QB Kirk “You Like That!!!!” Cousins that leads me to trust a Redskins can keep it close. Panthers don’t caring given they sojourn undefeated. Panthers, 26-20.

@ Detroit +2 over Oakland

Skinny: we am not unexpected sole on a Lions after a furious feat in Green Bay, nonetheless we am undone perplexing to figure out a Raiders. Lions, 20-19.

@ Miami PK over Dallas

Skinny: Line from VI Consensus. Because QB Tony Romo earnings from injury, it is time to be bullish on a Cowboys again. Or so we are told. Romo can’t cover for all of his team’s issues. He plays good nonetheless Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill is improved on this sold day. Dolphins, 23-21.

@ Atlanta -6 over Indianapolis

Skinny: we am rather worried creation this collect given a Colts, nonetheless on a road, are indoors and entrance off a bye. Colts QB Andrew Luck is injured, though, and a Falcons also are entrance off a bye. Falcons, 30-23.

@ Baltimore -1 1/2 over St. Louis

Skinny: we strew no tears in typing that a Ravens are 2-7. At a same time, we exclude to trust they are a .222 team. Ravens won’t be intimidated by Rams’ brag tactics. Ravens, 24-17.

@ Houston + 2 1/2 over N.Y. Jets

Skinny: Line from VI Consensus. we straightforwardly acknowledge to overreacting to Week 10 results: we am insane during a Jets for losing during home to Buffalo and tender with a Texans for winning in Cincinnati. Texans, 23-18.

Green Bay +1 over @ Minnesota

Skinny: This collect is not about a Vikings; they are 7-2 and plentiful with confidence. This is about a inconceivable idea that a Pack could dump 4 true after opening 6-0. Packers, 24-21.

Philadelphia -5 over @ Tampa Bay

Skinny: we wish a Buccaneers’ offense would have achieved improved in a Week 10 feat over Dallas (score: 10-6). If so, we would have left with a Buccaneers opposite a Eagles and their unsettled quarterback situation. Eagles, 20-14.

@ Chicago PK over Denver

Skinny: we am creation a mistake by putting any faith in Bears QB Jay Cutler opposite Denver’s defense. For some reason, we can’t behind divided from a table. Bears, 18-17.

@ Arizona -5 1/2 over Cincinnati

Skinny: Coach Bruce Arians will not let a Cardinals turn arrogant after a considerable feat in Seattle. Bengals can’t be devoted opposite a peculiarity competition on a highway after losing during home to Houston. Cardinals, 30-21.

@ Seattle – 12 1/2 over San Francisco

Skinny: No doubt 12 1/2 points are too many, and Seahawks let me down in Week 10. Regardless, it is not formidable to tighten a eyes and prognosticate a Seahawks winning by scores of 40-3 or 30-2 or 27-0. Seahawks, 30-2.

@ San Diego +3 over Kansas City

Skinny: This collect is one instance of since we can’t make traction ATS. we have 0 faith in Philip Rivers and a Chargers given they keep stumbling, nonetheless we am going with them opposite a group that won in Denver in Week 10. Chargers, 24-23.


@ New England -7 1/2 over Buffalo

Skinny: Patriots manager Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady no doubt are angry that a widespread isn’t dual touchdowns. Patriots, 30-10.

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