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Does Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean in’ summary for career women …

Sheryl Sandberg spent most of final week in India, a “return-to-the-roots” tarry of sorts to a nation where she began her storied career, as a World Bank economist. Everywhere Sandberg went, she was accorded a snazzy acquire we haven for billionaires who come job each now and then.

Sandberg is of march most some-more than a billionaire. She is a arch handling officer of Facebook, a humanitarian who has affianced half her resources to gift and a luminary crusader of women’s empowerment during a workplace interjection to her bestselling book on gender equality, Lean In.

Sandberg was in India in all these capacities — business leader, humanitarian and author. So she juggled between assembly customers, captains of Indian attention and comparison politicians, including a primary minister, Narendra Modi, as a comparison Facebook executive, doing some gift work and compelling Lean In during her visit.

In Delhi, her principal stop during book graduation happened during a women’s business seminar. It was apparent from a approach a vast entertainment of women mobbed her for autographs and acted for photographs that they were enamoured of her.

Tales of Sandberg’s fickle stand adult a corporate ladder seemed to have preceded her to a gymnasium (see Power Woman). Her certification seem even some-more exquisite since she flourished during male-dominated workplaces. Silicon Valley too is a scandalous boys bar and for a lady to reason pivotal positions during dual internet powerhouses is no Does Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s 'Lean in' summary for career women reason in a Indian context?mean achievement.

Great Speech

Sandberg did not disappoint. She spoke effortlessly, combining an evident bond with a audience. She came opposite as humorous — “to a few dauntless group who have come here, when a unavoidable series happens, we will get a lifetime pass”, she said, quoting Gloria Steinem, a American feminist.

She seemed aspiring and disarming in equal magnitude — “so many of my views on women come from a knowledge of operative in India between 1991 and 1993 during a World Bank on leprosy”. She showed her smarts and preparedness, disorder out statistics, not only of a US though also of India, that illustrate women’s inequality during a workplace — “India has 11% of a tip CEOs as women, a United States has 4%. None of these numbers conforms to a illustration women have in a world, that is 50%.” In short, to use a Facebook-worthy accolade, Sandberg was immensely like-able.

The silky debate done a charge of espousing a summary of a book easier. As in a book, a summary — to put it succinctly, women should stop blaming others and gender biases that exist during workplaces and start holding shortcoming themselves — resonated shrill and transparent in a hall. “Lean in” — “without a restraint of low expectations” — and women can mix or juggle work and family.

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