A Doom modder who goes by a name Linguica has combined a mod that adds Instagram filters and a selfie hang to a classical initial chairman shooter.

InstadDoom, as it’s called, adds 37 filters you’ll commend from a print and video pity amicable network, including Mayfair, Rise, Inkwell, and many more, that will adjust a image’s colors.

Even some-more considerable is that a mod includes a practical selfie stick, that lets we take cinema of your in-game impression posing with ruin demons on Mars, as we can see in a picture gallery above.

“You can usually take so many cinema of your food slaughtering demons!” Linguica wrote. “You wish to uncover a universe how hott we are while we do it, and now we can! Use a latest in hang record to get some-more of yourself in a shot! It’s American President Approved!”

You can find some-more sum about a mod and download it on a Doomworld forums.