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Double standard? Pro-Obama IRS workman suspended, postal worker dismissed for …


Marcus Lewis was dismissed from a Postal Service for regulating for Congress.MARCUS LEWIS/REUTERS

Does a punishment fit a offense? 

A sovereign group announced dual disciplinary actions this week opposite sovereign workers for violating a law that boundary domestic activity. But while one of them — a now-former Postal Service workman who committed a apparent impiety of regulating for Congress — was fired, a other — an IRS workman who used taxpayer resources to foster President Obama’s 2012 candidacy — faces usually a suspension. 

Now a ex-Postal Service workman in question, Illinois proprietor and congressional claimant Marcus Lewis, is slamming a sovereign supervision for stripping him of his provision by “selectively enforcing” a law.

“What happened to me is not usually unfair, it’s ungodly,” he told FoxNews.com.

The dual punishments were suggested in a press recover by a U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC), an eccentric supervision watchdog that investigates claims of indiscretion by sovereign employees.

The recover states both workers were found to have disregarded a Hatch Act, that forbids sovereign workers from enchanting in narrow-minded domestic activity and from regulating as a claimant for narrow-minded domestic office.

One of them was Lewis, who had worked for a Postal Service for over a dozen years before determining in 2012 to run opposite now-disgraced former Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. as an eccentric in Illinois’ 2nd District. 

Lewis told FoxNews.com he never discussed his debate during work, and suspicion as prolonged as he did not wear debate outfit on a pursuit he was fine.

“The post bureau never told me anything,” he said. “I never had any training [about a Hatch Act].”

However, Lewis pronounced 6 weeks before a election, he perceived a call from a OSC, that he pronounced used “mafia-style tactics” to get him to dump out of a race. He pronounced he was told he contingency stop his debate or remove his job, that he found “shocking.”

“I’m regulating as an independent,” he claims he told a OSC. “What are we articulate about? I’m an American, what do we meant we can’t run?”

The OSC pronounced Lewis, who ran again for Congress in a special choosing in 2013, perceived steady warnings from both a Postal Service and a OSC to stop his domestic activity though “refused to approve with a law.” Lewis’ use was consummated in May.

In comparison to Lewis, a IRS workman perceived a relations slap on a wrist. 

According to a OSC, a IRS workman in doubt certified to regulating his “influence” as an IRS patron use deputy to titillate callers to reelect Obama in 2012.

“The workman regularly urged taxpayers to reelect President Obama in 2012 by delivering a intone formed on a spelling of a employee’s final name,” a OSC said.

The workman certified to doing so and perceived a 100-day delinquent suspension. The IRS box has perceived some courtesy in a media given accusations that a group also targeted regressive groups for additional inspection until a use was unclosed and halted final year. 

When asked since a dual punishments differed in severity, OSC orator Nick Schwellenbach pronounced a postal workman continued to rivet in narrow-minded domestic activity notwithstanding steady warnings not to do so.

“I consider a contribution as described in a preference make it transparent that a Postal Service workman intent in critical violations of a Hatch Act,” he told FoxNews.com.

Lewis pronounced he feels he was targeted by a OSC since he was deliberate a critical contender to Jackson in 2012.  

“There is politics involved,” he said. “They are perplexing to retaliate me.”

Lewis is now regulating in as a write-in claimant opposite obligatory Democratic Rep. Robin Kelly in Illinois’ 2nd District. He says now he feels he contingency win, since he has a family to support and no job.

“I have to win,” he said, adding, “I’m fighting for my family.”

Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/07/11/double-standard-postal-worker-fired-for-running-for-congress-but-pro-obama-irs/

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