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Dragon space plug earnings to Earth after resupplying space station

The unmanned Dragon space plug successfully undocked from a International Space Station and returned to Earth on a weekend after a fourth goal to resupply a orbital platform, NASA announced.

The load capsule, made and operated by SpaceX, had related adult with a ISS on Sept. 23 carrying 2,300 kilos (about 2.5 tons) of initial equipment, food and other simple necessities for a astronauts there, though it parachuted safely into a Pacific Ocean some 426 km (264 mi.) west of Baja California on Saturday.

A boat will move a plug to a pier nearby Los Angeles, where partial of a lapse load will be private and handed over to NASA within a subsequent 48 hours, and afterward a Dragon will be shipped to SpaceX’s contrast comforts in McGregor, Texas, NASA pronounced on a Web page.

Dragon is bringing behind 1,487 kg (1.6 tons) of systematic experiments and samples, as good as apparatus no longer indispensable on house a ISS.

Among other things, a plug had carried adult to a ISS a 3D printer, a radar to investigate hurricanes and 20 mice, a initial mammals to be ecstatic on house a load boat to a orbiting platform.

This was SpaceX’s fourth supply goal to a ISS out of 12 it concluded to yield to NASA in a $1.6 billion contract.

Last September, NASA announced that it has awarded SpaceX and Boeing a agreement value billions to ride U.S. astronauts to a ISS starting in 2017, a charge that given a finish of a space convey module in 2011 has been carried out regulating Russian Soyuz capsules.

The Dragon in 2012 became a initial private blurb car to take load to a ISS and a association is now building a plug that will be used to ride humans into orbit. EFE

Article source: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/lifestyle/2014/10/26/dragon-space-capsule-returns-to-earth-after-resupplying-space-station/

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