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Drew Sharp: What comes subsequent is many critical for Lions

The initial step was impressive.

Martha Firestone Ford took a large brush and swept by a top reaches of a Detroit Lions’ front bureau Thursday afternoon, banishment both group boss Tom Lewand and ubiquitous manager Martin Mayhew. It’s one of a bigger single-day executive purges in authorization history. It’s also a transparent denote that Ford won’t be as passive as her late husband.

But while submissive Lions fans greeted a news with hallelujahs and hosannas, a many critical step in any intensity revitalization of this eternally moribund classification is a subsequent one.

The problem with Ford tenure never has been when it finally has had adequate of coaches and executives. It’s their inability to brand a right replacements.

But by her actions Thursday, Ford has warranted a event to take a pitch for a fences.

Give her credit. At 90, she showed some fire, some anger_something that many fans suspicion was absent from tenure for decades. Ford could’ve waited until a finish of a season. But she acted when she did since she merely demanded a bruise of flesh.

And she’s entitled to one.

The undone fans looking for a wilful summary from tenure got one. But where does Ford go next?

Does she strech out to a NFL for assistance in identifying good football executives? Does she demeanour to make a confidant strike in charity a megacontract to a big-name conduct manager in a pros or college football and giving that chairman full control of a operation?

The Mayhew exclusion wasn’t surprising. The large pierce was removing absolved of Lewand.

He became a broker son of a Fords, operative his approach adult by a organization. His father was William Clay Ford Sr.’s longtime authorised counsel. Lewand took an active purpose overseeing a growth of Ford Field. His initial purpose with a Lions was singular to business functions, training a workings of a income cap.

But when a Lions dismissed Matt Millen as group boss in a throes of a ancestral 0-16 deteriorate in 2008, Lewand immediately positioned himself to turn boss and insincere some-more active purpose in all football operations.

The early suspicions were that a Fords would find a soothing alighting for Lewand since that’s how a family prolonged has conducted a football business: valuing faithfulness and loyalty some-more than bottom-line rival results. Lewand fit a form of a family crony a Fords couldn’t cut loose.

But Lewand and Mayhew were assimilated during a hip. They became “Maywand.” One couldn’t get a ax but a other.

Martha Ford did good in her initial poignant act as owner. She swept a brush by an classification in apocalyptic need of a housecleaning.

But what she does subsequent indeed will establish either a Lions get it right.

Article source: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/nfl/article43301394.html

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