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DuBois Harley Davidson Donates Motorcycle to Jeff Tech Automotive …

REYNOLDSVILLE – The DuBois Harley Davidson Shop has again shown a munificence and support of a village by donating a motorcycle to a Automotive Technology CTE module during Jeff Tech in Reynoldsville.

The concession was done to support a bike build-off foe between Clearfield County Career Technology Center and Jefferson County-DuBois Area Vocational-Technical School. This internal foe will hold a second week in Apr during a DuBois Harley Davidson Shop.

The CCCTC and Jeff Tech perceived Harley choppers from a DuBois Harley Davidson Shop that they have been challenged to reconstruct for a internal competition. The winning propagandize will afterwards contest with their chopper during a state level.

The Automotive Technology module during Jeff Tech motionless to enroll a assistance of other CTE programs during a propagandize to get a chopper rebuilt.  Assisting a students from Automotive Technology in this foe are students from Auto Body, Welding and Metal Fabrication, Machine Shop and Building Trades.

Andy Watt, long-time instructor of a Automotive Technology module during Jeff Tech said, “I suspicion this foe would be both fun for a students, as good as a good training knowledge for them.

“It was really inexhaustible of a Harley Davidson Shop of DuBois to present these bikes to a module and to Clearfield for a competition.”

Although Clearfield has competed several times already, this year is a initial year for Jeff Tech to enter a competition. Watt indicated that no matter how a foe turns out he believes these practice to be profitable to his program.

Article source: http://gantdaily.com/2015/02/09/dubois-harley-davidson-donates-motorcycle-to-jeff-tech-automotive-technology-program/

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