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Ebola and politics

AMERICA is a deeply divided country. Many countries are. But as Juan Linz, a domestic scientist, noted in a seminal investigate on presidential democracy, America’s structure ensures both Congress and a boss have some explain to approved legitimacy. Right now, Democrats control a White House and half of Congress; Republicans control a other half. Both sides can explain to pronounce for a people. America’s sovereign structure, that gives state governors outrageous amounts of power, usually complicates a conditions further. And given a dual parties remonstrate so frequently, and are so distant detached on a many critical domestic questions in American life, only about all that can turn a domestic emanate does.

Take Ebola. Politicians from both parties no doubt determine that a illness is really bad, and contingency be stopped. But they are not on a same page about how to stop it. Barack Obama is holding a line opposite a transport anathema on people from a influenced region. Indeed, administration officials advise that it would do some-more mistreat than good, since if travellers from influenced countries finish adult entering a US secretly it will make them harder to monitor. (My colleagues consider so, too.) But John Boehner, a Republican Speaker of a House, is pushing for a ban. So are dual governors, Rick Perry in Texas and John Kasich in Ohio, both intensity GOP presidential possibilities in 2016.

All this matters for business travellers, who could face even longer delays during airfield confidence or have to change or miscarry outing skeleton if screenings are strong or transport bans are put in place. The panic has turn so bad, in fact, that many of a people job for transport restrictions are creation a pivotal mistake: they’re job for a anathema on flights from a influenced region. That would be a singly ineffectual policy: as a New York Times notes, there are no approach blurb flights between a most-affected countries and America. Not one. (The airline run claims that screenings should be sufficient to stop a conflict from spreading.)

A transport ban, while expected counterproductive, has one “advantage” over a moody ban: it represents a change from a standing quo. Politicians seem to like it since they know they have to do something about Ebola. A transport anathema is something, and therefore they interpretation they contingency do it. But basing illness process on a politician’s syllogism would be decidedly unwise.

Article source: http://www.economist.com/blogs/gulliver/2014/10/ebola-and-politics

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