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Ebola Epidemic Hits New Low in West Africa

The Ebola widespread in West Africa shows serve signs of circuitous down, with only 30 new cases reported in a final week, a World Health Organization pronounced Wednesday.

It’s good news for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, where some-more than 25,000 people have been putrescent and some-more than 10,000 have died from a virus.

“This is a lowest weekly sum given a third week of May 2014,” WHO says in a latest update.

No new cases have been reported in Liberia and only 9 were reported in Sierra Leone. Guinea had a many cases, with 21.

“In a context of descending box occurrence and a decrease section of transmission, diagnosis ability exceeds direct in Liberia and Sierra Leone,” WHO added.

“Accordingly, and with technical superintendence from WHO, inhabitant authorities in both countries have begun to exercise skeleton for a phased stable decommissioning of over-abundance facilities. Each nation will keep a core ability of high-quality Ebola diagnosis centres, strategically located to safeguard finish geographic coverage, with additional rapid-response ability hold in reserve.”

Separately, researchers reported swell on dual next-generation Ebola vaccines. They are privately targeted opposite a aria inspiring West Africa, and it entirely stable monkeys from infection, says Thomas Geisbert of a University of Texas Medical Branch.

Other vaccines are being tested in people in all 3 influenced countries. But progressing versions of this sold vaccine, that uses a pathogen called VSV, caused heat and infrequently achy joints in volunteers. The newer chronicle should not have these problems, Geisbert’s group says.


– Maggie Fox

Article source: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/ebola-virus-outbreak/ebola-epidemic-hits-new-low-west-africa-n338081

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