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Ebola not expected to change Americans’ holiday transport plans, consult shows

Published: Nov 12 2014

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Ebola competence be a worldwide health crisis, though a new investigate shows it’s not expected to keep many Americans from streamer over a stream and by a woods for a holidays.

American travelers continue to be endangered with a Ebola outbreak, though notwithstanding a media hype, some-more than 90 percent contend new Ebola cases in a U.S. won’t stop them from roving in a U.S., according to a new study.

Conducted by researchers during a University of Florida’s Tourism Crisis Management Institute and colleagues during Black Hills State University in South Dakota, a investigate found that while one in 3 (31 percent) American travelers are endangered about Ebola and atmosphere transport right now, approximately 60 percent indicated their domicile is doubtful to equivocate roving in a U.S. due to a new Ebola cases here.

“Although Ebola is a frightful disease, domestic travelers are not vouchsafing that stop them,” pronounced Lori Pennington-Gray, executive of a Tourism Crisis Management Institute. “As we get closer to one of a largest transport seasons of a year, this bodes good for a transport attention with honour to destiny transport plans. This is not to contend that if a series of Ebola cases increases in a entrance weeks that convenience travelers competence not change their plans.”

Pennington-Gray and her colleagues collected a information from 1,613 domestic convenience travelers who finished a online consult from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4.

Furthermore, a investigate shows, nonetheless 4 in 5 domestic convenience travelers trust Ebola is frightening, some-more than 70 percent don’t trust it’s expected they’ll agreement Ebola if they transport by atmosphere a U.S. during a subsequent few weeks. In addition, three-quarters don’t trust their possibility of being unprotected to Ebola is high, and 60 percent are really gentle with roving in a U.S. right now. More than 60 percent disagreed that domestic atmosphere transport should be avoided right now since of Ebola.

The consult also found that a infancy of domestic convenience travelers found thesis parks and state healthy areas to be protected places to travel, in that they disagreed with a statements that vast thesis parks (51 percent) and state parks and campgrounds (62 percent) should be avoided right now since of Ebola.

As is a box with any crisis, Pennington-Gray said, it is needed that a roving convenience marketplace receives accurate and timely information.

About a Tourism Crisis Management Institute
The Tourism Crisis Management Institute (TCMI) during a University of Florida is a usually tourism focused educational predicament government hospital in a world. TCMI develops research-driven solutions that residence planning, preparedness, response, and liberation in local, state, and inhabitant tourism economies. For some-more information, see www.tourismcrisis.org.


Source: Lori Pennington-Gray, 352-294-1657, [email protected]

Category:Business, Health, Research

Article source: http://news.ufl.edu/archive/2014/11/ebola-not-likely-to-alter-americans-holiday-travel-plans-survey-shows.html

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