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Ebola-related events in a United States and response

(Reuters) – Health agencies around a universe are grappling with a misfortune Ebola widespread given a pathogen was identified in 1976.

The following is a chronology of events in a United States and a government’s response during home and abroad from a time a World Health Organization identified a beginnings of a conflict in early 2014 in Guinea:

March 22: Guinea confirms hemorrhagic heat that killed some-more than 50 people is Ebola.

March 30: Liberia reports dual Ebola cases; suspected cases in Sierra Leone.

May 26: WHO confirms initial Ebola deaths in Sierra Leone.

July 25: Nigeria confirms a initial Ebola case.

July 31: U.S. Peace Corps withdraws all volunteers from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Aug. 2: U.S. companion physician, Kent Brantly, putrescent with Ebola in Liberia, flown to Atlanta for treatment.

Aug. 5: Second U.S. companion with Ebola, Nancy Writebol, flown from Liberia to Atlanta.

Aug. 12: WHO says deaths tip 1,000, approves use of unproven drugs or vaccines.

Aug. 21: The dual companion workers are expelled from sanatorium on Aug. 19 and Aug. 21, giveaway of Ebola.

Aug. 29: Senegal reports initial reliable case.

Sept. 3: Third U.S. companion alloy with Ebola, Rick Sacra, flown from Liberia to Omaha, Nebraska, for treatment.

Officials announce tellurian trials for dual vaccines, and U.S. agreement to speed adult contrast initial ZMapp treatment.

Sept. 8: United States to send margin sanatorium to Liberia.

Sept. 9: Fourth Ebola patient, who asks not to be unidentified, flown to Atlanta for diagnosis from Sierra Leone.

Sept. 11: Sacra improves after distillate of plasma from U.S. Ebola survivor Brantley and undisclosed initial drug.

Sept. 16: United States promises 3,000 troops engineers, medical staff to West Africa to build clinics, sight workers.

Sept. 17: U.S. House of Representatives approves $88 million to assistance quarrel outbreak.

Sept. 20: Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan flies to Dallas after assisting Ebola plant in Liberia.

Sept. 25: Duncan goes to Dallas sanatorium with fever, stomach pain. He is sent behind to unit where he is staying notwithstanding revelation helper he trafficked from West Africa.

Sept. 28: Duncan earnings to Texas Presbyterian Hospital.

Sept. 30: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms Duncan has Ebola; initial diagnosed in United States.

Oct. 2: Duncan might have had strike with adult to 100 people.

NBC News says American freelance cameraman, Ashoka Mukpo, putrescent in Liberia and will be flown home for treatment.

Oct. 6: Mukpo taken to Nebraska Medical Center.

Oct. 8: Duncan dies in Dallas hospital.

United States orders 5 airports to shade travelers from West Africa for fever.

Oct. 9: Some U.S. lawmakers wish transport anathema on West African nations strike hardest by Ebola.

Oct. 10: WHO says 4,033 passed out of 8,399 cases in 7 countries.

Oct. 11: New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport starts screening travelers from 3 West African countries.

Oct. 12: Dallas helper Nina Pham has Ebola; initial to agreement it in United States. She cared for Duncan.

Oct. 15: Second Texas nurse, Amber Vinson, who also treated Duncan, has Ebola.

Oct. 17: Obama appoints Ebola response coordinator.

Oct. 20: United States issues stricter discipline for health workers treating Ebola patients.

Atlanta sanatorium that treated unclear American studious says a male was giveaway of Ebola and expelled Oct. 19.

Oct. 21: As of Oct. 22 travelers to United States from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea contingency fly into one of 5 airports for extended screening.

Oct. 22: United States will guard for 21 days anyone entering from West African countries during core of epidemic.

NBC cameraman Mukpo giveaway of Ebola; leaves Nebraska hospital.

Oct. 23: New York City alloy Craig Spencer, who treated patients in Guinea, tests certain for Ebola.

Mali becomes sixth West African nation strike by Ebola.

Oct. 24: Dallas helper Pham is Ebola-free; leaves hospital.

New York and New Jersey sequence quarantine of medical workers returning from Ebola-hit West Africa countries. Nurse Kaci Hickox tests disastrous and is quarantined in New Jersey, underneath protest, for dual days. She goes to Maine, is systematic removed during home. She hurdles order.

Oct. 25: Illinois orders quarantine of all “high-risk” travelers returning from Ebola-hit West African countries and on Oct. 26 Florida orders 21 days of monitoring and quarantine for “high-risk” individuals.

Oct. 27: U.S. Army starts isolating crew returning from Ebola missions in West Africa.

Oct. 28: Dallas helper Vinson giveaway of Ebola; leaves hospital.

Oct. 29: Quarantine-like monitoring stretched to all U.S. troops returning from service missions.

California enacts 21-day quarantine of travelers who had strike with Ebola patients.

Nov. 3: Maine and helper Hickox determine she can transport freely.

Nov. 5: Obama will ask Congress for $6.2 billion in new supports to quarrel Ebola in West Africa and United States.

Nov. 7: Dallas announced Ebola-free.

Nov. 11: Dr. Spencer is giveaway of Ebola, leaves hospital.

Nov. 12: Nurses criticism over insurance measures provided.

Nov. 15: Surgeon and U.S. proprietor Martin Salia has Ebola; is flown from home nation Sierra Leone to Omaha, Nebraska.

Nov. 16: U.S. adds travelers from Mali for screening.

Nov. 17: Salia dies; second chairman to stoop to Ebola in United States.

Nov. 21: WHO reports 5,459 deaths out of 15,351 cases.

(Editing by Toni Reinhold and Grant McCool)

Article source: http://in.reuters.com/article/2014/11/21/us-health-ebola-usa-events-idINKCN0J52FA20141121

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