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El Niño offers singular birds for Christmas Bird Count

In a tradition scarcely a century old, dedicated volunteers headed into fields and timberland around Ottawa and Gatineau Sunday to count all a birds they could find in the name of science.

This year offers a birders surprising sights, with an El Niño floating in rare birds from all over a map — an oriole from Arizona, a warbler from a west coast.

The Ottawa-Gatineau Christmas Bird Count is partial of a continent-wide bid to find birds during a formidable time of year: The continue is tricky, and a birds aren’t actively job as they do in spring.

But a annual sermon of winter is both a hobby and an critical apparatus for wildlife experts who have put together observations from a century or so of volunteers in thousands of places in North America.

The Citizen reached Bruce Di Labio by dungeon phone Sunday during a tallness of a action.

“I’m only examination a masculine snowy owl. He’s sitting on tip of a small building during a Britannia Yacht Club,” he said.

“Visibility is awesome,” he said. “We can cover areas we routinely never go into given there is (usually) dual or 3 feet of snow. We are means to cover a area unequivocally well.”

About 100 volunteers divided Gatineau and Ottawa into sections and started early Sunday to record all a class in sight.

“The centre is a Peace Tower, so it takes in a 7.5-mile radius, or 12-kilometre radius, that takes in both sides of a river,” Di Labio said.

The birders have finished this any year given 1919. It’s a forty-fifth true Christmas for Di Labio, yet he does some-more than one any year; he was on a identical count around Pembroke on Saturday.

The National Audubon Society began a tradition around 1900, he said. “Originally they would go out on Christmas Day and bag birds — fire birds. Then they motionless from a charge indicate of perspective they would count birds” instead.

“It has changed dramatically” as tellurian allotment has expanded. The hulk round around a Peace Tower was most some-more farming in 1919 than it is today.

“It is one of a few times in my times holding partial in a count that it has been like this. All a waterways are far-reaching open. Virtually no snow. The tumble was comparatively mild.

“So there are lots of late-lingering birds. There are going to be a lot of record-high numbers. Just around Andrew Haydon Park there are still 5,000 to 10,000 Canada geese.”

Near Pembroke Saturday he saw a black-throated grey warbler, a small songbird that shouldn’t be anywhere nearby Ottawa given it lives west of a Rocky Mountains.

“This is a a initial time on a count,” he said. It’s one of many class that have wandered or been blown into northeastern North America in a final month or so,” as El Nino pushes them.

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Article source: http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/el-nino-offers-rare-birds-for-christmas-bird-count

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