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Elgin library module uses transport materials to assistance daub seniors’ memories

By Janelle Walker
For Sun-Times Media

June 3, 2014 2:32PM

An picture from “Tales and Travel: Reconnecting People With Dimentia to a Library” a video that is partial of an overdo module from Gail Borden Library in Elgin.

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Updated: June 3, 2014 3:25PM

ELGIN — Seeing a comparison with insanity cry tears of fun when brought to a library and given a book helped Miriam Lytle confirm it was time to emanate programming for an underserved population.

“It is a dark aim audience. If someone has insanity or Alzheimer’s, they are mostly in a trickery or in a home, and frequently do not speak,” Lytle said. That chairman mostly competence be set in front of a TV for prolonged portions of a day and frequency if ever given a book, she said.

Last year, Gail Borden Public Library began reaching out to that organisation by formulating Tales and Travel Memories. Library staff put together a rolling container with materials on travel, folk tales and transport destinations. The suitcase, a books and other materials are designed to go to memory caring comforts or homes and give seniors a ambience of where they might have trafficked to — or suspicion of roving to — when they were younger.

Not usually did library staffers emanate a module — a initial as distant as they are wakeful — though are pity that module and instruction on how to reconstruct it with libraries opposite a country.

To assistance do that, Chicago broadcaster Bill Kurtis — a fan of a Elgin library — available audio for a YouTube video display combined by students during South Elgin High School’s Beacon Academy.

The suspicion for a insanity overdo module started when library staff saw a “poster presentation” that Mary Beth Riedner did during a American Library Association conference. A Schaumburg proprietor and librarian, Riedner had piloted a identical module during a memory caring trickery in that town.

She sealed on as a proffer during Gail Borden and helped a Elgin library write and accept a extend to assistance cover startup costs here.

“It is essential that librarians start to take on a plea of directly portion people in their communities who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or associated dementias,” pronounced Riedner, whose possess father was diagnosed with early-onset dementia.

“Browsing by books that have been comparison to accommodate their before interests and stream abilities can yield identical advantages as those supposing by song and art therapists,” Riedner said. “Providing sensitive and interesting books and reading-related practice is a elementary nonetheless effective approach to urge a peculiarity of life for this too-often-forgotten population.”

Several other Gail Borden staff also have been caregivers to spouses, parents, grandparents and in-laws with dementia, Lytle said.

Travel novel seems to work since it connects with memories that many seniors have, Lytle said.

“It elicits a memory for many of them that have traveled, or suspicion about travel,” she said.

The books in a roving pack embody nonfiction and coffee list print books, a story of folk story from those countries, and something some-more discernible a comparison can hold.

For instance, if a books are about Hawaii, they would embody books and stories about that state and a pineapple for a seniors, Lytle said.

It is an easy module for another library to start since they already mostly have a simple materials — books and song in their transport sections.

The books come from a children and youthful sections “without being babyish,” she added.

The greeting from seniors in insanity caring comforts has been remarkable, Lytle said.

“Staff would say, ‘I didn’t know they could read!’ ” when given a book of their own, she said. “They review these stories out loud.”

Gail Borden staffers are visiting 3 memory caring comforts now with a program, with room to grow. It is their hope, she said, that volunteers can take over a module to continue building it for area seniors.

Libraries from outward Illinois have begun contacting them to get some-more information on how to start Tales and Travel themselves, Lytle said. In further to vocalization on a module during state and inhabitant library conventions, they also have common with a American Alzheimer’s Association, Lytle said. “There are millions are influenced by this.”

“It is personification on a senior’s strength, celebrating what they still can do as against to what they can no longer do,” she said.

The YouTube video can be seen during www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9e8vocHPg4.

Article source: http://couriernews.suntimes.com/news/27774676-418/tapping-memories-through-travel-writing.html

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