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Eliza Dushku Documents Scary Halloween Night After Her $4000 Louis Vuitton …

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Halloween is ostensible to be scary, yet not this scary!

Eliza Dushku was gearing adult for a relaxing dusk when she arrived during a Providence, Rhode Island hotel Friday night. But while unloading her personal belongings, military contend a singer became a plant of robbery when a male grabbed one of her many cherished possessions.

“Apparently she put her pocketbook down while she was removing other things out of her automobile and another guest of a hotel picked it up,” military told E! News. “The military looked during notice fasten and were means to brand a think and a companion.”

The Louis Vuitton pocketbook, a present from Sharon Osbourne that was estimated to be valued around $4,000, was located in a hotel and after returned to Dushku. Police combined that both suspects will be charged with a transgression since of a value of a stolen item.

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Even yet there was resolution, Dushku uttered her regard on Twitter before military found out who was eventually responsible.

“Was only attacked in front of my hotel a few hrs ago,” she wrote to her fans. “Cameras held everything: Hotel/police/security weren’t means to do anything. #Ricomiccon”

She added, “Really upset. It’s been a prolonged night. The 2 group are in my hotel now ‘notthin can be done.’ They were, of course, wearing Halloween costumes. One of a guys wore a GOLD HEAD TO TOE ‘Ceasar’ outfit. Anyone in RI, ring a bell? Help.”

After serve pleading on Twitter, Dushku finally perceived some much-needed answers from authorities.

“Update:men found in hotel, w/my luggage, apprehended spending wknd in jail until+. U guys helped this happen. we am VERY grateful. C u soon,” she tweeted. “Night. Thx all for your adore regard care. You’re a best. Except you, Gold Caesar man your boyfriend/accomplice.”

Sounds like this is one Halloween Dushku will never forget. 

—Reporting by Ruth O’Neill

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