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Elon Musk responds to critics on Twitter following Consumer Reports retraction

Tesla Motors took a outrageous strike Tuesday from a former crony Consumer Reports, yet Elon Musk won’t go though putting adult a fight.

After Consumer Reports retracted a recommendation on a Tesla Model S following a reduction than stellar outcome on a trustworthiness survey, Elon Musk responded to a criticism on Twitter. The tweets came after Tesla batch fell some-more than 10% Tuesday, yet it has given recovered somewhat.

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This past August, Consumer Reports scored a Tesla Model S P85D 103 on a 100-point system, forcing a classification to tweak a ratings system, giving a Model S a final measure of 100 points. Those scores don’t take into comment reliability, so Consumer Reports primarily gave a Model S an central recommendation formed on a score, and a fact that Consumer Reports found Tesla to have normal trustworthiness in a 2014 survey.

For a 2015 survey, Consumer Reports found that Tesla had subsequent normal reliability, heading to Consumer Reports’ nullification and a nosedive of Tesla stock. Last night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk privileged a atmosphere on Twitter.

Consumer Report’s consult includes a final 3 indication years, so Musk is right in observant that many early Model S cars were enclosed in a survey. Whether these problems are hardware or program associated isn’t clear, yet that’s an critical eminence to make. Tesla is singular in a use of over-the-air updates, that allows a association to upload program updates to a automobile though a need for play servicing. Software updates can take caring of many bugs, yet it’s wholly probable that responders to Consumer Reports’ consult didn’t refurbish their software.

Many of a complaints, however, are hardware issues like leaky trunks and circle fixing issues.

So Elon’s initial twitter is correct, yet it seems to shimmer over a fact that Tesla scored aloft a prior year, presumably with progressing builds of a Model S as partial of a survey.

For a second tweet, Tesla is good famous for a service. With many problems, Tesla sends out an employee, rather than force a patron to go to a play to have repairs done. Owner compensation — or a doubt of “will your subsequent automobile be a Tesla?” — is poignant during well, yet it doesn’t rebut claims of unreliability.

Land Rover creates notoriously dangerous models, yet a owners compensation levels are really high in identical surveys. The association has many repeat customers, in annoy of claims of unreliability.

Tesla’s Model S has a lot going for it, and that’s not something Consumer Reports will deny, yet it’s a formidable savage and a trustworthiness scores seem to simulate that.

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Article source: http://mashable.com/2015/10/22/musk-responds-consumer-reports-twitter/

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