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Erie County Travel Advisory in Effect – WGRZ

Buffalo, NY – A transport advisory is in outcome in Erie County until serve notice due to dangerous conditions on a roads.

A transport advisory means we are urged opposite any nonessential travel. It was released since a extreme, cold total with a sleet and floating snow, will emanate dangerous pushing conditions this weekend.

“If it was usually a sleet we wouldn’t worry about it, yet deliberation they’re presaging 20 to 30 mile an hour breeze gusts and 0 prominence during many times as a sleet is falling, with these sour cold temperatures, we entirely design people to remove where they’re driving,” says Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

Poloncarz wants people to take this weekend’s transport advisory really seriously.

“It’s not a transport ban, yet since conditions are going to get so bad starting after Saturday by Sunday, where if we are outward in these conditions for any duration of time some-more than usually a notation or two, we risk frostbite and we truthfully could risk death,” he says.

County leaders motionless Friday that a sub-zero temperatures, along with a snow, were adequate to tell people to stay off a roads unless we positively have to go out. Poloncarz says yet a transport anathema is not expected, he’s not statute it out.

“The Department of Health will be monitoring, with a puncture medical services, conditions to see if it’s gets so bad that we would have to emanate like a finish advisory and anathema to going outside. we don’t design that to happen, yet we’re going to keep an eye on it,” he says.

We also spoke with a Deputy Highway Superintendent in Amherst Friday night. He told us everybody is on-call this weekend. And he hopes people stay off a roads not usually so his crews can transparent a snow, yet since he knows these temperatures are really dangerous.

Article source: http://www.wgrz.com/story/news/local/buffalo/2015/02/13/erie-county-travel-advisory-starts-saturday-morning/23395921/

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