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Essential Politics: Supreme Court cavity scrambles debate during vicious moment

As former President George W. Bush hit a discuss route again, Republicans are enchanting in all-out domestic crusade brazen of Saturday’s South Carolina primary. Decker notes that could harm them in November.

To that end, Linthicum rounds adult an bid from prominent Latino celebrities and domestic total aggressive a GOP for anti-immigrant rhetoric.

And on a belligerent in South Carolina, Lisa Mascaro finds most like a GOP itself, the devout transformation is going by an temperament crisis.


Saturday’s strife of a 6 Republican possibilities left in a competition got personal, with them calling one another liars 22 times, and even removing irritable in Spanish.

The feisty forum attracted 13.5 million viewers.

(And if we like your research in audio form, Decker and we did another politics podcast brazen of a debate, looking during what a possibilities need to do from here.)


Howard Blume finds that Scalia’s flitting could understanding a vital blow to a California lawsuit that had been widely approaching to break a financial flesh of teachers unions opposite a country.

That’s Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Assn., a box many justice watchers had approaching would find Scalia delivering a determining opinion opposite unions, tying their ability to collect membership impost and other fees. Without Scalia, a 4-4 separate is deliberate likely. That would say a standing quo — a outrageous win for unions, during slightest for now.


Instead of examination Thursday’s discuss between a Democrats who wish to reinstate him as it happened, Obama was lifting income in Hancock Park that night alongside John Legend.

Who was there? What did Legend sing for guests? Sarah Wire has all a details.

Earlier in a day when fundraising in a Bay Area, Obama offering his initial reaction to a Supreme Court’s new meridian preference that has California implications.


While Harris is dodging SCOTUS speculation, her opposition Rep. Loretta Sanchez scooped adult an publicity from a Latino Victory Fund, a inhabitant PAC ancillary Latino candidates.

Though a publicity doesn’t come as a vital surprise, cruise that Harris’ sister Maya Harris is one of a house members on a PAC’s primogenitor organization, a Latino Victory Project.


Myers leads a contributor roundtable on this week’s California Politics Podcast by discussions of a unexpected smaller U.S. Senate competition among Republicans, a heated discuss over caring of a California Coastal Commission, and a politics of gender equity legislation only introduced during a state Capitol.

You can subscribe to a podcast on iTunes today.


— George Skelton shares reactions from stream and late teachers to his mainstay final week about a flourishing clergyman shortage.

Gov. Jerry Brown might have low-balled a volume of income Prop. 47 saved a state, says a news by a inactive Legislative Analyst’s Office. The report, expelled Friday, suggests a assets may be as most as $130 million, or about $100 million some-more than a administrator estimated, reports Mai-Duc.

— ICYMI Friday, Mason reports that Brown opposes a $9-billion propagandize bond measure.

— Patrick McGreevy reports on a package of proposals denounced by womanlike lawmakers that aim to assistance women in California grasp estimable compensate and enhance family-leave pursuit protections, as good as appoint some-more state supports for child caring and for assisting children on welfare.


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