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Essential Politics: The wordless vote, a solid rains

Good morning, I’m Sacramento business arch John Myers, your Essential Politics horde for Tuesday. We’re awaiting to dry out a small currently in a collateral city, after a complicated sip of sleet and sleet over a past few days. Apparently a sleet heads south currently (beware, Angelenos).

Maybe it’s a solid chit-chat of sleet that’s a impulse for this morning’s theme, a oblivious on a lessen and upsurge of some of a many engaging domestic debates in California and opposite a nation.


The many solid upsurge of domestic news, of course, continues to be entrance from a competition for a White House. And in that, there’s a new propagandize of suspicion that suggests an even stronger-than-believed following for Donald Trump is starting to emerge.

That’s because, in a nutshell, some Trump supporters competence not feel gentle revelation a tellurian being in a write consult that they’re subsidy a luminary genuine estate developer in his query for a Republican nomination.

David Lauter reports on a new investigate suggesting “some poignant number” of Trump supporters feel some-more gentle in a anonymity of online polls, that uncover a claimant with around 40% support.


He never found most support when it came to polls, yet Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was a nonstop source of quips and quotes in his presidential bid. On Monday, a veteran lawmaker dangling his discuss around a YouTube video.

But his discuss competence be mostly remembered for a zingers he delivered from a discuss podium:

On a need for immigration reform: “Strom Thurmond had 4 kids after age 67. If you’re not peaceful to do that, we need to come adult with a new immigration system.”

On Vladmir Putin: “This guy’s got a span of twos and we’ve got a full house.”

On bringing narrow-minded gridlock in Washington, D.C., to an finish by socializing: “That’s a initial thing I’m going to do as president. We’re going to splash more.”


For dual unbroken Architects of a Capitol, it was a unfit dream: get congressional appropriation to make badly indispensable refurbishments to a Capitol architecture in Washington, D.C.

Now, a scarcely $60-million plan — and a scaffolding it brought with it — has turn an supposed change to a skyline of a nation’s capital. Noah Bierman takes a closer demeanour during a project and only how most work it’s holding to remodel a inhabitant landmark.


In a box that rocked a Chinese American village in San Francisco and a domestic universe in Sacramento, a male indicted of being during a core of a racketeering and murder review says he was hounded by a feds each time he attempted to purify adult his life.

Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow took a mount in his sovereign hearing on Monday in San Francisco, attempting to rebut allegations of his purpose in an orderly crime prick that also brought down former state Sen. Leland Yee.

The hearing began final month and is approaching to widen into January.


The solid rains in a northern partial of a Golden State have helped palliate some of a evident pangs of a drought. And while charge competence sojourn a altogether summary from state H2O officials and Gov. Jerry Brown, there could be a bit of an central easing adult on a fist entrance to some internal communities.

Bettina Boxall reports that a State Water Resources Control Board is revelation some communities with new H2O sources — consider recycled or desalinated water, for instance — that they competence get a mangle on their charge mandates.

The preference comes as California braces for a clever El Niño season, and could reduce a altogether normal H2O charge rate of a state. And that would benefaction an engaging domestic plea for Brown, who will no doubt be pulling for additional long-term drought discussions when a Legislature earnings to Sacramento in dual weeks.


The California Film Commission on Monday announced a latest recipients of beefed-up taxation credits for film and radio projects filmed in a Golden State, Javier Panzer reports. Among a winners were 7 TV series, dual pilots, a ABC module “Mistresses,” that will immigrate to Los Angeles from Vancouver, and “Sharknado 4.”

That’s right, state-subsidized sharks.

The Los Angeles segment has seen a surge in a series of sharpened days for scripted radio given a Legislature tripled appropriation for filmed projects to $330 million annually final year. The film elect has touted poaching several productions including “Veep” from Maryland and “American Horror Story” from Louisiana. Up to $42 million in credits will be accessible for a latest line-up of projects, that a elect announced could beget an estimated $254 million in approach in-state spending, including $103 million in salary for organisation members.

The film taxation credits perceived bipartisan statehouse support, even yet some bill analysts have expel a doubtful eye during a altogether mercantile advantage and have suggested that other estimable boosts have been upheld over during debates in Sacramento.


— Sarah Wire has a formidable story of how a mother’s grief over losing her dual daughters led to a change in sovereign law.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) is job on a Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate Olympus Corp. in response to a Times essay that minute how a association kept offered medical scopes notwithstanding warnings from a 2012 superbug conflict in a Netherlands. Olympus unsuccessful to advise U.S. hospitals about a Netherlands findings. Seven outbreaks of drug-resistant infections during U.S. hospitals have been related to a scopes, including one during UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center that claimed a lives of 3 patients.

— The governor, Starbucks and Tom Selleck: 3 topics that, ahem, floated to a tip of a list for users of a hunt engine Bing when it came to California’s drought in 2015. Paresh Dave reports there were also a lot of queries about links between a drought and meridian change.

— Seema Mehta and Mark Z. Barabak report from New Hampshire about a state’s story of unpredictability, resurrecting possibilities given adult for dead, spurning front-runners or elevating also-rans with late-developing shifts in sentiment.

— Former state Republican Party Chairman and U.S. Senate claimant Duf Sundheim is essay a twice-a-month op-ed in a Spanish-language journal La Opinión in an bid to strech Latino voters. The first piece ran final month. His columns won’t assistance him win an publicity from a newspaper: Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris already locked that up in October.

Chelsea Clinton is carrying her second baby, withdrawal Bill and Hillary Clinton ecstatic for another grandchild.


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