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European examine plants thermometer on comet

BERLIN (AP) — The European Space Agency says a Philae lander is doing good and has succeeded in planting a thermometer in a comet where it overwhelmed down this week.

The group pronounced Friday that scientists have perceived a solid tide of information from a lander, that on Wednesday became a initial booster to reason down on a comet. However, their pursuit is difficult by a fact that Philae landed subsequent to a precipice that is restraint object from a solar panels.

Planting a thermometer in a aspect was Philae’s initial supposed “mechanical operation” though ESA says it will reason off on any some-more for now. The lander’s primary battery usually has energy for another day or so and scientists are considering realigning it so that a solar panels can assign a craft.

Article source: http://www.chron.com/news/science/article/European-probe-plants-thermometer-on-comet-5892326.php

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