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Even millennials bypass amicable media for automobile shopping

DETROIT (Aug. 14, 2014) — Despite years of hype by automobile makers and automobile dealers, amicable media sojourn a non-starter for automobile shopping.

Just 1 percent of automobile buyers use amicable sites to emporium for a vehicle, according to an AutoTrader.com survey.

Even millennials — those immature people between a ages of 18 and 34 captivated to amicable media — hardly use sites such as Facebook and Twitter for automobile shopping, pronounced Isabelle Helms, clamp boss of investigate and marketplace comprehension for AutoTrader.com.

Only 5 percent of millennials surveyed pronounced they used amicable media to emporium for vehicles, a investigate showed.

“Millennials are boring about either automobile websites or brands have a amicable presence,” Ms. Helms said. She combined that 78 percent of millennials in a investigate pronounced their opinion toward a automobile code would not change if a code had a amicable networking presence.

Ms. Helms pronounced amicable media is used to network with friends, not to emporium for cars.

AutoTrader.com’s investigate was conducted by IHS Automotive between Dec and February. A sum of 1,900 automobile buyers within a past year were surveyed, including about 300 millennials.

Ms. Helms and AutoTrader.com executives presented a commentary during a new assembly of a Automotive Press Association in Detroit.

Although they are bypassing amicable media, millennials are creation a Internet and mobile inclination mainstays of automobile shopping.

Ninety-five percent of millennials automobile emporium online, spending online 82 percent of a normal 17.6 hours they take to investigate and buy a car. By comparison, all 1,900 respondents on normal took 15.5 hours to investigate and buy a car, with 75 percent of a time online.

Smartphones and other mobile inclination also are essential to a millennial’s automobile shopping. Fifty-one percent of millennials used a smartphone to emporium for a automobile vs. 34 percent a year ago.

By 2020, Ms. Helms predicts 80 percent of automobile shoppers will use mixed inclination for shopping, including smartphones, tablets and desktops, vs. 32 percent today.


This news seemed on autonews.com, a website of Automotive News, a Detroit-based sister announcement of Tire Business.

Article source: http://www.tirebusiness.com/article/20140814/NEWS/140819954/even-millennials-bypass-social-media-for-car-shopping

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