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Ex-boyfriend stands by Amanda Knox — arrange of

The Italian ex-boyfriend of Amanda Knox reiterated his ignorance in a murder of Knox’s roommate and pronounced Tuesday that Knox’s possess testimony proves it.

“She herself lets me off a offshoot and gives me an alibi,” Raffaele Sollecito told a news discussion in Rome on Tuesday. “I’m an trusting chairman that has been cheering his ignorance for 7 years. It’s an misapplication that’s left on too long.”

Sollecito, 30, was convicted with Knox in a murder of British tyro Meredith Kircher in 2007 in Perugia, Italy. The trial, that featured tales of sex, lies and a bloody deadly stabbing, drew headlines around a world.

The philosophy were overturned and Knox, now 26, left for a USA. She did not lapse for a retrial in Florence, that finished in both people being convicted again.

In January, a Florence justice condemned Knox to some-more than 28 years in prison. Knox stays protected from Italy’s carabinieri in a USA. Sollecito was condemned to 25 years and is giveaway on bail in Italy. Both are appealing to Italy’s top court.

It’s a final interest and Sollecito’s final chance.

Sollecitio and his lawyers contend a box could hinge on a Florence court’s saturated created preference indicating it believed a memo Knox wrote while being hold for questioning. The memo, that prosecutors have characterized as a confession, puts Knox during a stage of a crime — though not Sollecito.

Sollecito pronounced he remained assured of a ignorance of Knox.

“I wish to make transparent that we and all a people around me, including my family, have always believed, and we still trust today, in a ignorance of Amanda Marie Knox,” he said.

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