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Expedia CEO on transport mistakes, tips and pig’s knees

This essay mention by Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia, is partial of an ongoing array by LinkedIn Influencers in a transport industry. Here, Khosrowshahi provides insights into his transport experiences.

At Expedia, we are ardent about travel. It’s a mission; it’s in a DNA. we get on a highway utterly a bit to bond with a employees in a many offices in some-more than 40 countries. we normal about 150 days of roving any year.

You competence assume that fewer things go wrong with transport when we are a CEO of a transport company, though turmoil is partial of a deal. So here are a few transport tips I’ve schooled along a way:

Never check your bag.The one time we checked my bag, it roughly got lost. Turns out that a lady who had an matching black Tumi had picked adult cave from container claim. we had my fit in a bag and a house assembly a subsequent morning. we wasn’t looking brazen to display adult in jeans. we was propitious adequate to lane her down before a house meeting, though my examination of checking a bag was over. Never again.

Check online reviews of your hotel.Know what is going on in a city we are visiting and container earplugs. we was in Paris final year for some business meetings, and my room ignored a piazza where a internal rope was playing… all night long. we done it to my meetings with a assistance of additional caffeine, though now we always check internal happenings on all trips.

Eat outward a hotel. When you’re in a new city, a slightest we can do is provide yourself to a internal cuisine. we ask my colleagues about a good internal places and equivocate a imagination spots. It’s most some-more fun. Recent internal delicacies enclosed sea cucumber in Beijing and pig’s knee in Prague.

Take open transformation as most as possible.I always take a Heathrow Express when we am in London. It’s so most reduction stressful than being held in a unavoidable traffic. The sight from a Geneva airfield to a city is also impossibly convenient.

Splurge for a improved chair on overnight flights.It is really value it to splurge on a improved chair or ascent on overnight flights. It gets we behind to a family a day early, and it saves a cost of a hotel night.

Have a transport presence kit. I move each mechanism and iPad appendage ever created. we always take gym garments since we find that practice a morning after we land is a best approach to adjust to internal time and quarrel jet lag. we never transport though my noise-canceling headphones — we put them on as shortly as we lay down. I’m in my possess small world, and it’s a pleasing thing.

Do your research. Travel is a payoff that will change your universe view. My favorite quote about transport is by Mark Twain, who says transport is deadly to prejudice, prejudice and narrow-mindedness. we am ceaselessly tender with how most people from all countries know about a U.S. and a rest of a world. we always make certain to do some investigate about each nation we visit. we adore articulate to cab drivers. we always ask them what their favorite outing was, and afterwards we tell them where to book their subsequent one.

Use your vacation days.I’m always vacant when we hear people contend they are too bustling to take a holiday. As a people manager, we see how most some-more focused and energized people are when they take a time to go on a trip. As a business leader, we perspective vacation advantages not as a business nicety, though a business necessity. One of a good brands, Hotels.com, is rising a transformation called a Vacation Equality Project propelling a U.S. to pledge a smallest volume of paid vacation time for workers.

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Article source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/advice/2014/08/13/expedia-ceo-travel-tips/13969761/

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