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Facebook aims to move players behind to desktop games with video ads

Newsbrief: Today Facebook announced that it’s bringing video ads to a desktop apps “to attract some-more people to implement and play Facebook desktop games.” As users perspective some-more videos on a site, there are some-more opportunities to expostulate them, around ads, to try new games, Facebook maintains.

Games are still a large partial of Facebook on desktop, though as a altogether attention continues a transition to mobile — and a association trumpets a possess mobile efforts — they have mislaid their shine. Over a final few gain calls, Facebook has pronounced that a desktop app payments income is disappearing and will continue to decline.

However, there might still be a possibility for success on a platform: Criminal Case launched in 2013 as large attention players began to concentration on mobile, and became a outrageous hit on a platform; now, it’s a vital pretension opposite mixed platforms, including mobile, for a developer Pretty Simple.

You can find out some-more about Facebook’s video ad module (including how to pointer up) at a central blog.

Article source: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/242206/Facebook_aims_to_bring_players_back_to_desktop_games_with_video_ads.php

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