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Facebook Explains Why it Activated Safety Check for Paris Attack

Facebook on Saturday sought to tamp down critique that it had rolled out its widely-used Safety Check feature amid the militant attacks in Paris when a amicable network had not finished so during a new conflict in Beirut.

In a Facebook post,Vice President of Growth Alex Schultz summarized how Safety Check was initial developed, and pronounced Paris was a initial time a underline had been implemented for an eventuality that wasn’t a healthy disaster. “There has to be a initial time for perplexing something new, even in formidable and supportive times, and for us that was Paris,” he said.

He also explained since Safety Check has never been practical to a non-natural disaster until now. “During an ongoing crisis, like fight or epidemic, Safety Check in a stream form is not that useful for people: since there isn’t a transparent start or finish indicate and, unfortunately, it’s unfit to know when someone is truly ‘safe,’” he explained.

The post came as critics forked out on amicable media that a escape of support following Friday night’s concurrent apprehension attacks in Paris distant outstripped a open magnetism after new identical attacks in Beirut and Baghdad. At slightest 41 people were killed and hundreds bleeding in a span of lethal self-murder bombings in Beirut on Thursday, and 26 people were killed in a roadside bombing in Baghdad on Friday.

Over 4 million people used a Safety Check apparatus to tell their friends they were OK, and over 360 million people got notifications that their friends were safe, Facebook said. Around a world, 78 million people had 183 million interactions relating to a attacks.

Article source: http://time.com/4113410/paris-attacks-facebook-safety-check-beirut/

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