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Facebook Here, Google Now

Google doesn’t know who your friends are, who we discuss with, or what news we caring about. Just like how Facebook doesn’t know what’s in your email, what directions we map, what we web hunt for, or what’s going on in your Android phone. That’s because a dual have outrageous yet really opposite opportunities when it comes to building a personal assistant.


To Be Useful, Or Interesting

Google has a large conduct start, as it launched Now behind in 2012. Now has tons of functionality, mostly surrounding design data. It can lift applicable info like moody times and changes from your email, arrangement violation universe news updates, or give we a heads adult about trade between your home and office. Its latest trick, Google Now On Tap, can aspect information associated to what’s going on in your other apps.


Google Now On Tap

Google Now does what Google’s good at: Crunching large information sets from a entire utilities to well yield actionable information. Google’s mastery in search, email, and maps unlocks this potential. Now is frequently helpful, yet not always what you’d cruise “interesting”.

Facebook did recently start contrast M, a concierge feature that lets we use Messenger to send requests and chores to a hybrid complement of tellurian smarts and synthetic intelligence. But currently Facebook launched what could be deliberate a closest thing it has to a normal personal digital partner inside a Notifications tab…it only didn’t name it.


But to me, this is Facebook Here. It’s a personal partner who knows about all around we — a people, places, and things we caring about.

I speckled early tests of a underline final year when it was a “Highlights” territory in a Friend Requests tab. Starting solemnly currently on iOS and Android in a US, subsequent your normal notifications Facebook Here will uncover cards for:

  • Friends’ birthdays
  • Friends’ life events
  • Your arriving events
  • Today’s tip sporting events
  • Today’s tip TV shows
  • Trending Topics

And if we let Facebook lane your plcae history, you’ll also get:

  • Popular events nearby
  • Local weather
  • News common locally
  • Nearby Places your friends might have visited or reviewed
  • Movies personification in circuitously theaters

You can customize these new sets of cards to supplement or censor what we want, and control that can send we notifications.


Facebook Here does what Facebook’s good at: Indexing your amicable graph, biographical data, and prior function to uncover we calm you’ll find relevant. Facebook’s mastery in amicable networking, feed-reading, and mobile messaging unlocks this potential. Facebook Here could be frequently interesting, yet not always what you’d cruise “helpful”.

Eventually, Facebook Here and Google Now are certain to intersect and compete. There’s already some overlie like bringing we sports updates or suggestions of circuitously attractions. But a dual depend on jointly disdainful information sets. That’s because we think we’ll see them mostly aiding people in together for a time being.

Facebook Nowtifications

But Facebook has one label adult a sleeve that creates a name “Here” so apt. Facebook’s contextual partner is built into a place people already spend so most of their time, either they’re on iOS or Android: Facebook, and some-more specifically, Facebook’s notifications tab.

Google Now

Here is literally right “here” on hundreds of millions of people’s homescreens opposite handling systems. And it’s not buried as only another choice in a Facebook app’s “More” navigation drawer, where products like “Nearby Places” or a “Saved” read-it-later underline have been outcast and forgotten. Here is in a notifications add-on users already obsessively check for some-more structured alerts about being tagged in photos or carrying their standing Liked.

Its chain means Facebook Here could now accept large amounts of postulated attention. 

That’s not to contend Google Now’s some-more hidden, pops-up-when-you-need-it character is worse. It’s positively some-more unsentimental while most of Here could be dubbed merely entertaining. There’s no speculation. Now already creates people’s lives easier. Though it also has a ability to miscarry you, in some ways Now is reduction needy and some-more deferential of your time. That potency is classical Google.


But a intensity for Here to soak adult your courtesy is classical Facebook. And if Facebook can flare Here into a function patterns, it could also one day monetize that courtesy with sponsored cards of branded information. Imagine a business profitable to be a tip idea for a circuitously restaurant.

Apple and Google built common assistants that censor until we need them. Facebook has built a loud-and-proud second feed of calm combined by AI right subsequent to a primary News Feed of calm combined by humans. And it’s right Here, in front of your Face.

Article source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/26/facebook-nowtifications/

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