The clues are pier adult that a Oculus Rift practical existence headset will not launch in sell by a finish of a year.

Speaking on Facebook’s many new quarterly earning call, a company’s arch financial officer David Wehner pronounced that it has not announced any specific skeleton for conveyance volumes in 2015 associated to Oculus. “Oculus is really most in a growth stage, so it’s really early to be articulate about vast conveyance volumes,” Wehner said.

Oculus owner and contriver of a Oculus Rift practical existence headset Palmer Luckey formerly pronounced that something would have to go “horribly wrong” to forestall a device from an central launch in 2015.

However, Luckey altered his position on a matter while speaking during an SXSW 2015 panel.

“I did contend that before we done a lot of changes to a roadmap and we’ve stretched a lot of a aspiration we had around a product and what we wanted to do,” Luckey said. “Us partnering with Facebook authorised us a lot of things that we wouldn’t have been means to do otherwise, like sinecure 300 people to be operative on removing a Rift out as fast as probable during a turn we wish it. we can’t criticism on a date one approach or another in possibly instruction though we can contend that zero is going horribly wrong. Everything is going horribly right.”

Oculus could still warn us and announce a recover date for 2015, though given these dual statements, that seems reduction likely.

Other competitors in a VR space have some-more organisation plans. Valve and HTC’s VR headset, Vive, is set to launch this year, Sony’s Project Morpheus is set to launch in a initial half of subsequent year, and we can already buy a Innovator Edition of Samsung’s Gear VR (made in partnership with Oculus) during Best Buy.