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Facebook Lets Friends Collaborate On Videos With Latest App, Riff

Twitter Twitter has Vine and Periscope. Snapchat has Our Stories. Now Facebook has a viral video app of a own: Riff.

In a pull to make videos stickier on a amicable network, Facebook on Wednesday launched Riff, a new video-recording app that lets users make videos with their friends.

Riff is built to inspire friends to create a sequence of video clips, 20 seconds or shorter, connected by a thread of a singular hashtagged topic. Whether or not Riff takes off, it could offer a Menlo Park-based company better discernment into how a users rivet with video and potentially lead to new tools.

“Our camber was that if we could make videos collaboratively, a artistic routine would be some-more fun,” said Riff product manager Josh Miller in a press release, job a app “a artistic apparatus to make videos with friends.”

Users have already been saying a aloft volume of videos when they pointer on to Facebook, and Riff could assistance propel this trend. As of January, a amicable network’s algorithm prioritized videos to make adult 30 percent of a News Feed, according to a study by Socialbakers, a amicable media investigate company. In November, local Facebook videos exceeded a series of YouTube videos common on Facebook for a initial time, Socialbakers pronounced in a study.

To start a Riff video, users initial contingency pointer in to a app with a Facebook comment and collect a subject for their video, that can be only about anything, including one suggested by a app, such as #dancing or #shutdown. Once a user picks a topic, Riff automatically gives creators a 3-2-1 countdown before a camera starts rolling.

As shortly as a creator creates a video, their friends will get an app presentation and can supplement their possess clips regulating Riff, opening a sequence to friends of friends. Although any shave is singular to 20 seconds, there is no extent to a series of clips users can add to a video, and people can supplement mixed clips.

When a creator posts their shave to Facebook, a amicable network automatically tags a creator’s friends who are in a video. However, people who are not friends with a creator do not get tagged in a News Feed story, and tags of friends do not uncover adult within Riff. When someone shares a video to Facebook, a whole sequence is shared. As some-more clips are combined to a video on Riff, a Facebook post updates with a new clips, pronounced Facebook orator Lauren Svensson.

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