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Facebook May Soon Launch an Anonymity App, But Is It Too Late?

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/WIRED

Facebook is operative on a standalone app that would concede users to promulgate anonymously, identical to existent apps like Whisper and Secret, according to a new report. Such a product would be a extreme annulment in Facebook’s longstanding antithesis to anonymity. But some-more than that, a app would also offer as nonetheless another pointer that Facebook has changed. Once a scrappy startup, it’s now utterly a vast company, constantly reacting to trends, instead of environment them.

According to The New York Times, people briefed on a new plan contend it has been underway for about a year and will be expelled in a entrance weeks. Details on how accurately it will work, however, are still unclear, and a Facebook orator declined to criticism for a story.

The timing of a rumor—which echoes a news from this past spring—is interesting. It comes uninformed on a heels of a new debate around Facebook’s supposed “real names policy,” that has always compulsory people to use their authorised names on a site. Recently, that process came underneath fire, after dozens of drag queens were sealed out of a site for regulating pseudonyms, spurring a practical rebel among members of a LGBT community, who pronounced a process disregarded their approach of life and left them open to harassment. After weeks of controversy, Facebook not usually apologized to a LGBT community, though also dialed back a position on genuine names.

Now, it seems, a association is prepared to step even over into a inlet of a unknown web. It’s a healthy pierce for Facebook. Startups like Whisper, Secret, and Yik Yak have gifted bomb expansion over a final year, definition many of a conversations people are carrying online are function off of a world’s largest amicable network. For Facebook, it creates clarity to try to precedence a estimable scale to win that assembly back.

But as with so many other hulk tech companies, a doubt du jour for Facebook is: Can scale ever unequivocally trump good timing?

Facebook seems to trust it can. Why else would it even consider about rising another anonymity app now, when a space is already so swarming with successful competitors? It’s expected for a same reason Facebook combined a possess Snapchat lookalike years after a fleeting messaging site launched. It’s since Facebook believes that with a unmatched existent user base, it can simply pass a competition.

But a association would be correct to remember a possess history. Facebook came along only as other amicable networks like Friendster and MySpace had depressed out of favor. Sure it had a few talent engineers on board, though some-more important, it had a right product—a network for college kids who didn’t feel they belonged on other swarming sites—at a right time. Nothing MySpace or Friendster could do could ever remonstrate consumers they were anything though a sore and loud networks they had always been. People flocked to Facebook in partial since it wasn’t one of these comparison amicable networks masquerading as a new child on a block. It was something wholly new.

It might also be tough for Facebook—a association that creates a billions offered user data—to remonstrate users that their private conversations on a app are ever truly anonymous. Unlike a pretender competitors, Facebook’s repute precedes it, and in this space, that can be both a blessing and a curse.

Article source: http://www.wired.com/2014/10/facebook-anonymity-app/

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