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Facebook now plays songs from Apple Music and Spotify in your News Feed

Earlier this year, we dispelled a rumors that Facebook competence be building a possess strain streaming service. Now we have some-more sum about a partnership—not a rivalry—that has been in a works.

On Thursday, Facebook announced Music Stories, a new underline that lets Facebook users share a 30-second strain shave from Apple Music or Spotify directly in their News Feeds regulating a Facebook iOS app. Now any strain shave we share from those streaming services will beget a playable widget with manuscript art and a couple to listen to a full lane on Apple Music or Spotify.

To share a song, duplicate a strain couple from Apple Music or Spotify, and afterwards pulp it within your Facebook standing update. Once we post it, a couple will automatically turn a playable widget. Tapping on a strain post starts a 30-second preview, that displays a spinning front imitative an old-school vinyl record. As with any Facebook post, we can like, comment, and share these Music Stories.

“The preview is streamed from possibly Apple Music or Spotify (depending on a source of a couple shared), and can be purchased from or saved to a particular strain streaming service,” Facebook executive of product Michael Cerda wrote on a central Facebook blog.

According to Cerda, Facebook is looking to enhance Music Stories playable couple support to other streaming services in a nearby future. But for now, Rdio, Tidal, and Google Play Music subscribers are going to have to wait. Facebook did not discuss in a proclamation either this new playable underline would be entrance to a Android app.

Impact on you: This partnership with Facebook is a vigilance that Apple Music is solemnly evading from a sealed iTunes complement and into a genuine universe (wide web). We’ve also started saying Apple Music embeds on strain websites. It looks like this:

However, we’ve usually been means to squeeze a hide formula from songs that have already been embedded somewhere else first. No hide formula share choice is nonetheless accessible within Apple Music’s height itself.

Article source: http://www.macworld.com/article/3002156/streaming-services/facebook-now-plays-songs-from-apple-music-and-spotify-in-your-news-feed.html

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