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Facebook Now Using Google App Indexing To Drive Visitors From Search Into Its App


Facebook has prolonged non-stop adult some of its walled garden to Google, in sequence to benefit Google traffic. Now Facebook is stepping adult a hunt engine optimization game by implementing Google App Indexing to safeguard it continues to get that trade as a change to mobile continues.

Facebook Loves Google Traffic

Facebook has authorised Google to index some of a calm going behind to during slightest 2007, when Facebook profile pages were non-stop adult to Google and other hunt engines. “Indexing” means that Google can review all a calm on these pages. In turn, when people search, these pages competence seem in Google’s hunt results.

This indexing — famous so good to search engine optimization (SEO) professionals — has advantages to both Google and Facebook. Google has some-more calm that competence prove what people are acid for. Facebook gets trade from Google for free.

Over time, Facebook has non-stop adult some-more of a calm is has to Google, such as Facebook Comments in 2011. The news currently about Google App Indexing support doesn’t add more calm though is directed to safeguard that those anticipating existing content from Facebook within Google have a improved mobile experience.

App Indexing Means Loading Facebook, Not The Browser

The Wall Street Journal pennyless a news on this today, observant that Facebook began permitting Google App Indexing as of Friday, according to Google. Facebook also reliable a same directly to Search Engine Land.

With Google App Indexing, Google is means to burst people from a web page inventory directly into a publisher’s app, where a same calm loads.

In a box of Facebook, this means that when someone clicks on a Facebook inventory in Google search, rather than bucket a web page with that content, in some cases Google instead understands how to open adult a Facebook app and bucket a same calm within that.

This usually happens for that calm that Facebook has already non-stop adult to Google, such as open profiles, Facebook pages, groups and events (assuming they haven’t themselves been blocked by Facebook criticism holders, such as if they are private in nature).

One important category of pages that haven’t gotten Google App Indexing are personal posts or standing updates that are open to a public. Google is means to index these now. They’ll also uncover adult when people do mobile searches on Google. But Facebook hasn’t implemented a Google App Indexing formula for them, that we can see, that means they’ll still bucket in a browser rather than a Facebook app.

App Indexing Doesn’t Gather New Information

Facebook is not providing any new information by app indexing that Google doesn’t already get, Facebook reliable to me directly. So when a WSJ wrote this, it wasn’t utterly right:

Google’s hunt engine is widespread on a Web, though a computers can’t automatically “crawl” and specify a information inside apps, where smartphone users spend a infancy of their time. So it contingency convince app developers to let it counterpart inside.

In many cases, it’s not that apps enclose information that Google can’t index — and many cases, if you’re articulate apps from those with vital web sites. Apps mostly lift information from a same source to energy both their web sites and apps. Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook are examples of publishers like this, where Google knows really good what’s inside their apps since what’s inside their apps is also what’s inside their websites.

Rather, Google App Indexing currently is most some-more about creation a improved knowledge for a searcher, jumping them directly into an app instead of a browser, rather than somehow magically anticipating information that’s usually in a app.

Only For Android, Not Apple Or Bing

I can see Google App Indexing formula live now, such as on a possess Search Engine Land page during Facebook. However, my exam searches when regulating an Android Nexus 6P are not jumping me from Google’s hunt formula into a Facebook app that we have installed, as they should.

I’m checking with Google on this, though chances are Google simply hasn’t updated many of a new Facebook pages to see a new code. When those pages are reindexed over a entrance days, this should work.

This usually will work for Android. Facebook has not implemented identical mechanisms from Apple or Bing, so mobile searches on iOS (either in Safari or Chrome) or for those regulating Windows Mobile will not launch a Facebook app. Facebook pronounced it had no criticism on because these were omitted.

Why Do It?

Why was it Google reliable a news of this to a WSJ, rather than Facebook. It’s not like there was any special agreement that indispensable to be put in place. As it turns out, Google told us it was partial of a ubiquitous contention about how companies are creation use of app indexing.

It is a large win, so to speak, for Google App Indexing. Facebook’s pierce might inspire some-more publishers to make use of it, that can meant a improved knowledge for Google’s mobile users.

But it’s also right in line with SEO best practices. That is, this is accurately what you’d design any classification to do if they caring about SEO. Google has been rewarding apps over a browser within a hunt outcome to a grade that, during times, it’s arguably worse for users. But for publishers, it creates copiousness of clarity to float a app indexing train, generally for potential ranking boosts.

As for Facebook, it told us that it implemented Google App Indexing as partial of a enterprise to urge a knowledge for those who use a app.

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