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Facebook will make the employees feel what it’s like to have a 2G connection

Simulation is a good approach to pattern a product for users who don’t share a same context as we do. This is what Facebook aims to cavalcade by to a staff by negligence down a site for one hour on Tuesdays.

Through a initiative—dubbed “2G Tuesdays”—the association hopes a staff will improved know what a like to entrance a height around a 2G connection, a reality for many of a users vital in a building world. In Africa, Facebook has over 120 million active users, 57% of that entrance a height regulating a underline phone with a 2G connection.

“They’re going to see a places that we need to urge a product, though they’re also going to see a places where we have done a lot of progress,” said Tom Alison, Facebook’s engineering director.

Earlier this month, a association optimized a news feed to concede users with delayed connectors entrance it quickly. Through other initiatives, like Internet.Org, Facebook Lite—a mobile app designed for 2G connections—and a company’s new proclamation that it will lamp internet by satellite in Africa starting subsequent year, it is transparent that Facebook is betting on a “next billion” internet users—many of that still use 2G technology.

But all of these initiatives aren’t only munificent deeds. By optimizing a height for slower connectors and assisting to urge entrance to a internet, Facebook wants to continue grow a user bottom fast in countries like India and Nigeria with a perspective to generating some-more income in a prolonged term.

With 1.42 billion active monthly users by a finish of a second entertain this year, a renouned amicable network has turn a mega promotion entity. In a second entertain of this year, 96.4% of Facebook’s revenue (pdf, pg. 8) came from advertising, while 76%, or $2.6 billion, of that ad income was subsequent from mobile advertising.

While Facebook is notching adult billions of dollars in income in North America and Europe, a normal income per user (ARPU) in a building universe lags behind, as Quartz has previously reported.

Figures from a company’s second entertain gain for 2015 uncover how regions like Africa and South America (accounted for in a “rest of a world” category) beget 10 times reduction in normal income per user (ARPU), than a dual North American countries, US and Canada.

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Article source: http://qz.com/535169/facebook-will-make-its-employees-feel-what-its-like-to-have-a-2g-connection/

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